Jessica Garrett

Real Estate Made Simple

Growing up with parents who were business owners, Jessica Garrett knew she wanted to do the same. She planned to open up her own insurance agency, but as her family grew, she sought out something more family-friendly. While looking for opportunities, Jessica found real estate in 2017. Over the past six years, she has earned a great reputation in the industry and is now pursuing the opportunity to impact other agents as a broker.

Starting Mighty Oaks Realty was a decision to start something to offer agents an extraordinary experience. Founded in 2020, the name of the brokerage sets the expectations for her agents: a brokerage that remains strong in local connections, knowledge, and integrity, and provides top-tier service. It sets a tone that Jessica upholds in her personal business and extends to her agents as she grows. Part of her desire to start her own brokerage is to improve the reputation of real estate. 

The biggest reason for Jessica to stay at Mighty Oaks Realty was to give agents the freedom to do business how they want with the guidance of an experienced agent. “I just want to elevate the name of realtors,” she says. One of her driving forces is to change the public perception of REALTORS®. “I want to be part of that change.” The change starts from within each brokerage, so she spends lots of time training and coaching agents on how to do good business. She loves dealing with contracts and enjoys teaching how to get the most out of each transaction for clients. Despite her experience, she continues to focus on learning in her own career.

Not one to fall behind, Jessica is very intentional about staying educated and informed in the industry. She seeks to learn something from each and every transaction, and is constantly improving herself, stating, “I’m a lifelong learner.” She has worked hard to build a great network around her as well. “I really appreciate that network and community I’ve built in the real estate realm,” she says. It gives her even more energy to put into each interaction with clients, agents, and her family. Having a network to draw from is one of the best ways to improve, and she ensures her network is quality. 

Her family is a big focus in her life, and she doesn’t let her business prevent her from enjoying time with them. Like many REALTORS®, she struggled early on to find a good balance between work and home. Now, she tries to help other agents find that balance to avoid one of the most common pitfalls. Finding your balance and knowing when you need to call in for help is an important lesson to learn for any business owner. 

Jessica spends lots of her free time with her family. Her husband and four children can be found outside mostly. She loves to garden and often goes kayaking or hiking with her family as well. When she is not outside you can find her reading a book or poring over mysteries and cold cases. She loves solving puzzles, which probably explains why she is so good at working with contracts. 

She teaches her kids the same way she teaches her agents. “You can do it all if you want to,” she says. Helping people navigate the decisions they need to make to find the path to their goals is just another puzzle to solve. Since each agent is different, it keeps her on her toes. She also believes that doing the right thing for the right reason is important. Every great agent knows you don’t compromise your client for your own sake and vice versa. There is always a solution to find where people can walk away satisfied. 

As Jessica continues to grow her brokerage, she looks forward to the challenges it will bring. Each agent brings new opportunities to teach and learn, and each transaction is a new chance to grow. As she transitions from working in her business to on her business, she is increasingly focused on bringing on people to help her propagate the standards and ethics of the industry for all newcomers. “A rising tide lifts all ships,” she says, and she wants to make sure she is working towards that goal every day. With her at the helm, you can expect to see Mighty Oaks Realty spreading its roots and building a great legacy.