Meet Amy Mullins

A Guiding Hand

The people you surround yourself with often dictate how you will succeed as well. Amy spent years learning from Sue Shaw and Charlotte Mabry as an admin before starting her REALTOR® journey in earnest. When she finally pulled the trigger, she worked with Charlotte Mabry and Ryan King as a buyer's agent, learning from some of the best in the industry. So, when she had the opportunity to bring United Real Estate into Chattanooga, she was confident she could teach others all that she had learned. 

    While Amy found her real estate career while looking for something to support herself and her grandmother, she fell in love with it as a receptionist in 2005. She spent several years as an agent from 2013 to 2019. She opened her office in 2019 with one agent and now has over 70. As a broker, she gets to leverage her experience in every level of real estate to her agents’ benefit. It gives her the ability to be the support system for so many as they succeed and grow. And for Amy, guiding others to the same growth she found is a huge driving force. 

    As a broker, Amy spends most of her time on her team. With a fantastic support staff and admins, she is able to lean into the role of ‘momma bear’, fighting for and protecting her agents from the highs and lows of the industry and many of the common pitfalls that come with the territory. “I wanted to be that type of broker that was there for their agents no matter what the situation was”, she says. “I want new agents to learn the proper way”. She harnesses the power of her top agents to teach and coach others as well, always looking for ways to allow others to encourage and impact. 

    The culture of an office often reflects the broker. Her United office is a big family, and despite competition, everyone is always there to help and grow together. “They’re willing to share their secrets”, she says of her top agents. There is a culture of cooperation because they all understand they are working towards the same goal and working together is easier than working solo. “Everybody is down to earth; I tell them to come as they are”, she explains of the expectations. There is no cookie-cutter mold that people must fit into. The agents each bring their own strengths and personalities and Amy encourages them to lean into them. 

    For Amy personally, her pursuit of a broker role took a lot of determination. Throughout her real estate career, she ran into doubt. She was told she was too talkative or too friendly, and that she likely wouldn’t succeed. However, she was determined to make it work. When she opened her brokerage, she told herself, “I got this job just being me, and I’m just gonna be me and see what happens”. Thanks to her commitment to being herself, she has built a strong team and a stronger culture. The culture of an organization always starts at the top, and Amy has cultivated something special. 

    Part of the culture of her office is the opportunities to work with United. As a brand, United has had a history in resorts, high-end properties, and auctions, as well as mergers and acquisitions. Founded nearly 100 years ago, they broke into the residential real estate market less than 15 years ago. They provide an even playing field for all agents, allowing them to keep 100% commission and simply pay a transaction fee capping at 13 transactions. Agents are allowed the freedom to run their business how they want, pay fewer fees, and spend more time on what they want to.
    Amy has fully embraced the ‘momma bear’ role as broker. As a mother herself, Amy knows that challenges will come, and she relishes the opportunity to spend time with agents working things out. Everyone makes mistakes, and Amy says, “I’ll be the first to say I’m sorry, and I’ll be the first to make it right”, handling it with grace and responsibility. While she loves working with clients, she enjoys supporting agents that want to grow, learn, and succeed at all levels. Thanks to her admin Candice and her top agents and teachers, she is able to really hone in on what each agent needs.

    Amy is a mom first at home with her daughter, Madison. They love to spend time together when she is not in the office going downtown and seeing movies or enjoying the many eateries and events. She personally likes to ride motorcycles, dance, and spend time with friends and family. 

Above all else in real estate, Amy is always fighting for her agents. Each new challenge brings a new opportunity to teach, grow, and impact those around her. She has accomplished so much in a few short years and she has so much more to give. Her strong belief is “that you should come into every situation with an open heart and willingness to be a better person than you were yesterday.” Guided by her strong principles and big heart, there is no question she has earned every ounce of her success.