Meet Jordan Taylor

Serving Others & Saving Animals

Real estate has brought many people a multitude of opportunities. The hardest part for many is to take the leap from a secure and familiar career into a world of unknowns. For Jordan like many others, it was a leap of faith. Thanks to her work ethic and winning personality, she has quickly grown into her career and embraced the opportunity it has provided for herself and her family. 

Long before Jordan found an interest in real estate, her interest was with animals. From age 7 she spent her school breaks at animal shelters volunteering in any way she could. As the years progressed, she took on different, more intensive roles. In 2018, she bought her first house and loved the process. As a result, she got licensed in 2019 and hasn’t looked back. While she still stays involved with animals, she has found success in her love for houses and helping house hunters. 

In her early days as an agent, Jordan found challenges much like many agents do. Real estate is a curious mixture of consulting, counseling, sales and negotiation. Because of all the different roles you play in a transaction, it can be hard to figure out how it meshes with your personality. Not to mention anyone who has ever taken on a new role or new career knows there is some pressure to perform, both for yourself and to prove your competence to others. 

The pressure to do business a certain way left her feeling restricted. “I found out that it didn’t make me happy”, she says. Having found her ideal work environment allowed her to lean into her personality more, and her business shifted. “When I decided to just be fully myself”, the authenticity made her happier and her clients more responsive. Her goal is to make the process of home buying less stressful and much more enjoyable.

For many who start a new career, it can be hard to let go of the old one. Jordan spent years working at animal shelters before she found real estate, and she knew she didn’t want to let it go completely. Despite how busy she is, her passion for animals still finds time in her weekly schedule. She will bring animals to closings, make donations to and volunteer at shelters, and sponsors animals for each of her closings through a program called Realtor® for Rescues that covers adoption fees for shelter animals. She will always find time to include them in her day to day. 

The most important thing to Jordan is family. Much of Jordan’s time is spent at home with her wife Emily and her newborn son, Hayes. Thanks to her work family at the Austin Sizemore Team, she can take time away from the office and still work without leaving her family completely behind. Thanks to her real estate community and hard work in the last few years building a strong foundation, she is already reaping the benefits. Feeling accepted and loved is important for everyone. “We all need a support system, even if that is one or two people who we know really have our backs.” With the support Jordan has in the office and at home, she has everything she needs to feel fulfilled. 

Looking ahead, Jordan is excited about growing her real estate career. She loves working with people, serving them, and encouraging them from first contact to the closing table. Her ability to make the process fun and relaxing for her clients has earned her staunch supporters and raving fans. Her commitment to follow-up helps her build even stronger relationships, and it’s proof she truly cares about each and every person she serves.

As she grows her own business, she also helps coach and mentor newer agents on her team. She loves to give to others, and it grants her the capacity to help someone else build what she has built for herself. True to form, Jordan is most fulfilled when she is helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Whether you have two legs or four, you can be sure that Jordan will do her best to have a positive impact.