Meet Emily Daniel with Achosa Home Warranty

Home Protection You Can Trust

Coming from a small town outside of Nashville, Emily Daniel graduated with a degree in public relations from Austin Peay State University. Her first couple of jobs out of college included selling spare aircraft parts to the Department of Defense and Wells Fargo Financial Division selling financial products. Neither one proved to be a good fit, and she found her way to the Greater Nashville Realtors® in 2006 as the sponsorship and affiliate relations manager. She spent the next several years here before being offered a job selling home warranties. She had loved working in the real estate industry for the past few years and decided to take the chance. 
Emily quickly realized how well her job worked with her personality. She is a very friendly, personable and knowledgeable person. Her work ethic and aptitude for connecting with people earned her quick success since her start in 2010. However, five years ago she was approached by some former coworkers who wanted to start a new warranty company, and they wanted her on their team. Launching Achosa Home Warranty in 2018 ended up being a great decision, and she loves the new opportunities she can provide.
Achosa stands out for a few reasons, one of which is the choice it gives homeowners. Many warranty companies have a pre-selected list of vendors for any claims that are filed. In Emily’s experience, this led to a multitude of angry calls when work was not done properly or finished and made it hard to maintain clients and relationships. “Before Achosa, I spent much of my time putting out fires instead of building relationships,” she offers. Achosa allows people to choose their own vendors, paying them immediately after the work is finished. The client gets to choose who they want to use which gives them peace of mind and allows them to control the entire process. 
Since her work with Achosa prevents a considerable amount of negative mental energy, Emily decided to double down on another brand she believes in. In the last year, she started working as the VP of Business Development with Realtracs. A regional MLS since 1996. “We believe in the power of accurate and dependable data,” explains Emily. “At Realtracs, we also believe working with associations to provide a statewide MLS empowers agents to better serve their clients.” By partnering with state and local associations, they strive to supplement the service and education provided by associations every day.  
The success of her endeavors is evident in the feedback she gets every day. Hearing success stories from both Achosa and Realtracs prove to her that she is representing great products. It may be hard to imagine the impact a home warranty on the MLS platform could have, but hearing how a home warranty saved a family or helped to sell a stagnant listing is proof it impacts everyone involved. It’s important to have conviction in the products you sell, and the feedback Emily gets has been plenty of proof.  
While Achosa and Realtracs are exceptional in their own rights, Emily is one of the biggest reasons the brands are succeeding. Her passion for the industry and genuine desire to connect with and serve REALTORS® are evident. While in Nashville, she received Affiliate Member of the Year from Greater Nashville Realtors® in 2018 and President’s Circle numerous times, proving she walks just as well as she talks. Her personality attracts connection, and she says, “I’ve met so many incredible people in the real estate industry. I look up to many of them – too many to name without leaving someone out.” 
Overcoming adversity and challenges is a requirement in real estate. Emily has had her fair share of tough decisions and hard-won successes in life. “There were many points in my life where I probably should have been a statistic and not the outlier,” she shares. Despite that, she overcame a tough childhood to become the first college graduate of her family, even graduating with honors. She worked and raised a family while in college, proving she can handle her own. The best person to have on your team is someone who will never quit.
Surprisingly, Emily still has free time for all her passions. She loves to spend time with her husband Michael as well as her son, Jesse. She also has two stepdaughters Ellie and Anna Kate, who will all be in college themselves this fall. She loves to travel, hike and play games with her family, although she admits competition does get fierce at times. She also loves to read, exercise, and has completed 75 half and 11 full marathons, if she wasn’t impressive enough. 
Emily has already achieved a great deal of success in many ways. Her friendships, partnerships, family and career are all thriving due to her undying determination. She is constantly looking for ways to grow professionally and personally. She states, “Ultimately though, success is about my ability to positively impact other people’s lives.” Always striving to inspire and uplift those around her, enthusiasm for life is a tenet of her character. While Achosa and Realtracs are great in their own right, having Emily on your team is a victory in itself.