Hayley Ownbey Photography

Leaving Lasting Memories

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For Hayley, a picture can be worth thousands of dollars to her clients as well. She had an interest in photography since childhood watching her grandfather. However, it wasn’t until 2016 that she turned her hobby into a business. Seven years later, Hayley has solidified herself and her skills as one of the best in Cleveland, helping hundreds of clients with personal and business needs. 

    Hayley started photography as a hobby for friends and family. She would shoot graduations, headshots, or occasional events. Eventually, more people started to ask for her talent, and she found herself running out of time. In order to make it worthwhile, she decided to start a business and started Hayley Ownbey Photography. She left her corporate job and has spent the last seven years building a stellar reputation in her community. 

    While Hayley has only spent the last year in real estate photography, she has already earned the trust of many REALTORS®. When she saw the need for a real estate photographer in her local community, she taught herself how to do it and jumped in. Her talent for photography and eye for detail allows her to show the best sides of the houses she photographs. While she hasn’t left portrait and event photography behind, she is definitely happy with her decision. 

Looking back at her first year, Hayley finds fulfillment in helping agents and clients with their home photography needs. “I think I enjoy it so much because homes mean so much to people”, she says. She loves to capture the beauty and uniqueness of each listing, enabling a quick and successful transaction for all parties involved. She goes on to say, “I love that I’m able to add value to a listing.” The quality of photos for a listing can make a big difference, and drive plenty of interest for an expedient sale. Hayley thrives on the feeling of helping her clients, setting their minds at ease, and providing exceptional service and quality.

One of the benefits to Hayley of real estate photography is the freedom it allows her. She loves the ability to work during the workday instead of being relegated to after-hours or weekends for portraits and events. Being able to shoot several listings in a day and then get home to spend time with family is important to her. Outside of her passion for photography, her family and faith come first. 

Hayley has been married to her husband Taylor for 5 years. They have a 3-year-old son named Lane who gets most of their attention. The biggest driving force for her hard work is to set an example for her son and help provide a wonderful and happy life for him. She strives to be the best parent she can and model good values for her son. She says, “I want to be known as a kind, hardworking, honest business owner”, and she demonstrates those same values in her personal life.

Her faith is also an important part of her life and guides her in her daily interactions. Hayley has an emphasis on being kind and compassionate to everyone she meets. Her favorite quote sums up her beliefs: “ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In all things, Hayley shows grace and generosity. Her church family at Redemption of the Nations church is where she spends every Sunday in support and reflection, enjoying her community in Christ.
Looking ahead, Hayley has plans to grow her business as well. She loves to help others, and if she can provide opportunities to other aspiring photographers in the future she would love the opportunity. While she isn’t quite in need of help yet, she looks forward to the day she can offer the opportunity she has enjoyed so much to others. Hayley sees herself leaning more into the real estate side of her business as well since it offers more freedom of time and she still gets to serve others in such an impactful way.

Because family is so important to Hayley, she ensures plenty of her time is devoted to them. Her and her husband to spend time with their family, parents, friends, and plenty of time with their grandparents as well. If not visiting with family, they love to spend time outdoors and fishing. Hayley also loves Mexican food and reading when she has the time. Having a fulfilling home life gives her a full heart to share with the people she serves on a daily basis
. When you have gratitude for all the beautiful things in your life, showing kindness and joy to others is easy, and you will find few people as enjoyable to work with as Hayley.