Kelly Szemborski

A Passion For Teaching

Some of the biggest successes in our lives start out as a jump of faith. Kelly Szemborski was never a risk-taker in her life until she was left without another option. As a result, she is happier, more capable, and in a career she loves. Despite her fears of failure, she continues to succeed at a high level and has high expectations for her future plans. In the past four years, she has become a great advocate and representative for the industry and impacted many agents and clients during her career thus far. While real estate wasn’t her initial path, it ended up being the best one for her.

After her primary job was dissolved, Kelly checked out and went all-in on real estate. She started as a solo agent, but moved to the Austin Sizemore Team shortly after its inception in 2019. During that time, she was able to learn and grow quickly, eventually passing on her own skills to new agents, recruiting, and mentoring others. She loves the opportunity to have a positive impact on other agents and pass on her knowledge and experience. “My nature is to be helpful and a teacher,” she claims. She has proven her aptitude as she has helped the team grow to 25 agents and staff. Having taken a step back from her roles to focus on family and her own business, she is still excited about the future.

Being a teacher in the industry is a big part of Kelly’s motivation. “I do have a huge passion for making my community better and helping,” she states. Whether it’s her office community or her city, she loves to spend time being an asset to others. She has always taken on management roles in all her work due to her strong work ethic and commitment. However, she really leaned into it as a trainer, coach, and mentor with her team at eXp. One of the best ways to learn is to teach others, and she is definitely better off for it.

Driven to constantly improve, Kelly has leveraged her work ethic to help establish her own business and reputation. She is a constant student of the business, always looking for new sources of education and more tools to serve others at a higher level. She says, “You’re always going to run out of motivation at some point, but then you have to be dedicated and determined to push through when you want to.” She was raised to work hard, but doesn’t let her desire to succeed supersede her commitment to honesty. She will always be doing the right thing, even if she has to take one step back now for two steps forward later. 

Kelly loves collaboration and partnerships, and puts a lot of emphasis on working towards a winning scenario for everyone. From her managerial roles to her transactions, her goal is for everyone to walk away happy. Even if you can’t please everyone all the time, it doesn’t stop her from trying. She finds fulfillment in achieving a common goal and exceeding expectations. She states, “I really value honesty and collaboration,” and it shows in her daily interactions. She extends this to her partners and affiliates as well, working with them side by side to create the biggest impact. Not one to leave something halfway done, she will always see it through. 

While she claims she has never really had hobbies, she spends much of her free time making memories with her family. With her husband Victor and three children(and another on the way), she loves to get out and explore Chattanooga or just relax by the pool. She has a lot on her plate right now and even recently started a landscaping company with her husband. Her unbeatable work ethic extends to her family, and she works hard to raise her kids well and ensure they get all the love and support she can offer. Her family is what really drives her to work hard, setting a great example for her children and creating opportunities that she didn’t get to experience herself. She loves being able to enjoy them with her children now.

Looking ahead, Kelly has big plans for the future. She has just started a brand new brokerage with her partner Chase Buckner called Freestone Property Group, where she will be the principal broker. She is looking forward to growing her brokerage and creating something new in the community. She is all in on her business, raising her family, and helping her husband as much as she can. Not one to sit still too long, she embraces the chaos and intricacy of the industry and loves how crazy it can be. Having accomplished so much in four short years, we’re excited to see what she can do with four more.