The Rogers Team with Movement Mortgage

Mortgages That Mean More

Many people have dreams of going into business with their friends. For most people, it never happens, and for many others it doesn’t work out like they hoped. Hannah Rogers and Amanda Hackett, the faces of the Rogers Lending Team, it has worked out better than they could have imagined. They have been friends for twelve years and went into business together in the summer of 2018. Hannah needed help, and Amanda answered the call. Five busy years later and they are one of the top three lending teams in Chattanooga as part of the Mortgage Bankers Association. 

    Hannah was a real estate agent before she moved into the mortgage business. When she did, she began working with two more team members, Nichelle and Cody, who she still works with today. They instantly clicked and the transition was seamless. About six months after starting her business, she invited her friend Amanda to come and do marketing for the business, and they have been inseparable since. As a small team of four, they do an inordinate amount of business. They all set a high standard with their team’s expertise and expediency. While there are several reasons for their success and cohesion as a team, it all comes down to one basic rule: “We’re family.” 

    While they may not be family by blood, the Rogers Lending Team is definitively a family by bond. Any lender can attest to the ‘trial by fire’ that the last five years have brought. Chattanooga has grown at breakneck speed, and with more people moving every day, the last five years brought plenty of opportunity. By staying committed to each other and truly taking care of clients, even when it is challenging or low value, they have earned their reputation as one of the best. Adversity breeds camaraderie, and it shows in this case. Their clients also become family as part of the process. Each person they help gets their full attention, compassion and energy. When you love and trust your coworkers, it's easy to extend that to your clients. The reason they have exceeded expectations and limitations despite the lending madness is because they have each other's backs; always.

    By looking out for each other, The Rogers Lending Team has retained the talent they have while getting better year after year. “We’re looking out for each other’s best interest as well as the best interest of our team”. Any organization with cohesion and commitment to a singular goal can be successful. Their team culture is supportive, positive, and driven by integrity. “We act in integrity, honesty and transparency with our clients”, they say. This extends from an internal commitment to their common cause of serving at the highest level. They don’t shy away from a challenge and will never forsake a client’s needs for a tempting paycheck. 

    Each team member helps to define the culture that the team embraces. They ensure everyone has the support and positive feedback they need to exceed expectations. “Each person sees their place and has their value”, she says. They are unquestionably loyal to each other and their clients alike, and it's an infectious approach. They all make sure everyone is celebrated for doing a great job and supported when things don’t go their way. Since each of them knows and excels at what they do, it allows their powerfully positive quartet to accomplish greatness.

Making sure they take care of people, educate clients, and answer questions before they’re asked is all a part of their value to clients. Like any great lender, they know the territory. With that knowledge comes the ability to be proactive about issues that may arise, coaching and leading clients through the unknown or uncomfortable challenge of moving. “We really strive to give them a plan,” they say. By giving each client a goal and plan for their specific needs, they instill hope and confidence that they can achieve their goal of a smooth life transition or new home ownership. 

Friendship is a powerful force, even more so when it’s strengthened by a common goal. While Hannah and Amanda have a strong business relationship, they make sure to look out for each other in their personal lives as well. They cover for each other on vacation, look out for each other’s families, and are friends in all aspects. They often spend weekends, holidays, and time off together. Their friendship and families give them enthusiasm and energy to engage with and serve others in their daily lives. They also love to spend time with their families and create lasting memories. 

No matter what stage of home ownership you are looking towards, it's important to have someone you trust on your team. With the Rogers Lending Team, you can find exactly that. Integrity, compassion, and knowledge combine to create a powerhouse of a lending team. The trust in one another and the willingness to do the hard things the right way is a winning combination. If you are looking for a lender you can trust, give the Rogers Team a chance to show you why they’re one of the best.