Candace Papotto

Finding Joy in Balance and Guiding Others

Real estate isn’t just about buying and selling properties. It's about understanding the client's needs, providing guidance, and creating a transformative experience. Candace Papotto, a lifelong Clevelander, English Lit major, and MBA graduate, has found her niche in the real estate industry through her passion for creating wins for her clients. Her love for teaching and passion for transformation has brought about a new perspective in the industry.
Candace's path in real estate began with the purchase of her first investment property. After years of running the operations and finance sides of her family's local businesses, Suburban Collision Centers, she took a transition position consulting for the new international buyer after her family’s successful sale. It was during this time that she realized she was ready to reinvent herself in her career.
“Post-college, I thought I would get my PHD and teach higher education. I was accepted to a program in Colorado, but decided that I would take a different direction and use my skill set in communications and business acumen to join my family’s business. As I was helping them reach their goals and navigate some issues, I discovered that I seemed to excel at communications, strategy, and implementation,” Candace recalls.
Reflecting on what she wanted to do after the sale of the business, Candace and her fiancé bought their first investment property - a 1900's three-unit brick home - and did some major renovations on it. This experience got her thinking about real estate as a potential career path, coupled with her father's example in building a successful company and brand. “I was working with contractors, starting to rent to tenants, and felt I should get my license if we were going to continue along this path,” she thought.
After her first year in real estate she partnered with the Mancuso Homes Team, where Candace has been able to grow as a real estate agent and also learn new skills of building and construction; she cites that the move was a major game-changer for her career. Her love of first-time homebuyers and her passion for teaching has benefited her clients and allowed her to create a transformative experience for them - making the process fun, exciting, and memorable. “I absolutely love talking through scenarios with them, and seeing their joy and excitement through this process. My goal is to make it fun for them. It's not just a transaction, it's a transformation process for each person,” Candace says.
More recently, working on building her brand (and a website!) has allowed Candace to express her creativity and has given her freedom over her marketing efforts. However, she admits that balance is crucial in this industry, as it can be all-consuming. It's important to find a way to turn off and create boundaries, even when it seems like there is always something that needs attention. She often finds herself answering messages at all hours of the day. She emphasizes that finding that balance is an art that takes time to master.
To create this better work-life ideal, Candace dedicates her nonworking hours to the things she loves - spending time with fiancé, Brice, her spunky cat, Eleanor, and her number one “child”…Bacon, a 14-year-old Chihuahua, who many of her clients know and love! She also enjoys traveling to Italy, learning the Italian language, and she is working on getting her dual-citizenship!
Candace also enjoys navigating the world of wellness and integrative medicine, walking the bridal trails in the metro parks, and developing delicious gluten free creations. “It’s like the greatest science experiment that I also get to eat,” she exclaims! Having given up gluten ten years ago, there wasn’t much available for her at the time. Her spark for figuring out new recipes has also become a positive stress reliever for her, as well as a fun way to share the love with clients and friends (her coconut cake is legendary).
When asked about her biggest influences in life, Candace had a very unique response that truly showed her passion for knowledge and why she became an English Lit major: “You know, I could talk about destinations that have reset my mindset, like Costa Rica and Italy,” she begins. “I was a voracious reader as a child.” And it was through those stories and worlds that she developed her work ethic, goals, and values. Through those characters and experiences, she was exposed to much more worldly mindsets, which melded with those characteristics that were brought out by her parents.
With everything a real estate agent is expected to juggle, Candace had this to say; appreciate yourself and those around you. Be okay with taking a pause and learn to be your own best friend. As her favorite author once wrote, I would always rather be happy than dignified. A quote she is so fond of, she has it tattooed on her inner arm.