Shawana Hanson

Never Settle for Anything Less than Everything

Shawana Hanson isn't your typical REALTOR®. While most agents are boisterous and outgoing, 
Shawana's more so meek and mighty because she's mastered the art of being both assertive and gentle.  
“I grew up on the east side of Cleveland, in what’s known as the Fairfax Community,” she explains. Shawana attended the Cleveland School of the Arts, majoring in vocal music whilst also playing violin and cello from grades 6-11, but surprisingly, she was always one of the quiet kids.
“Growing up, I was always shy,” Shawana admits. And despite her performing arts teacher’s numerous attempts to give her solos, Shawana’s shyness prevented her from making any public steps forward. But when American Idol came to Cleveland, summer 2004, she and two friends optimistically slept overnight at the Cleveland Browns Stadium to get a good spot in line. However, after her audition, the talent scouts told her she had a beautiful voice but lacked the confidence they were looking for. After that, she promised herself she would no longer allow her timid tendencies to stand in the way of her dreams. That promise has paid off big time since becoming a licensed REALTOR® in 2018.
Shawana began as a part-time solo agent at KWGM while juggling a full-time career as a licensed elementary educator. She quickly realized that she needed to find her footing in real estate and a good mentor, and briefly joined a team that specialized in the investment niche. "My position on that team was Acquisition Specialist. My responsibilities were to find potential properties for investors, perform market research, cost analysis, ROI, site tours, and more," Shawana explains." Oftentimes I would give design input during the renovation process.” Shawana grew tremendously as a REALTOR® and gained a wealth of knowledge in that position, however it wasn't long before she discovered that her passion lay elsewhere. She decided to part ways with the investment team as well as her career in education to pursue real estate full-time.
"One day in 2019 I was randomly scrolling Facebook and Mike Roberts, who at the time was a real estate consultant on the Young Team, had posted that he was hiring an executive assistant," Shawana shares. "I remember immediately calling my best friend and saying to her 'God is about to answer my prayers.' I said that because just a couple weeks prior, I had shared with her that my dream real estate team was the Young Team!”
Without hesitation Shawana applied for the position, interviewed with Mike, and was hired. "It was a win-win. I was able to provide exceptional assistance to one of the area's top REALTORS® who in turn became the best mentor I could've ever asked for." She admits. The agreement was for Shawana to assist Mike for at least one full year, but after only seven months Shawana admits he saw a true gift in her. "He told me that I would be better suited as an agent on the team and he no longer wanted to hold me back from my full potential," she says.
Shawana made the transition to Buyer's Specialist and continued to focus on ways to elevate. "I remember hosting my first $1M open house in Gates Mills, shadowing the team's leader, Ryan Young," she explains. "It's one of many experiences during my time on that team I am truly grateful for." In January 2021, she knew she was ready to branch out on her own and decided to make the move from KWGM to Monument Real Estate Services.
When asked what has been a major game changer, Shawana credits social media. “Almost all of my business comes from Instagram and Facebook. Folks connect with me online, oftentimes not even about real estate. It's usually something about me that they relate to, such as my Pomeranian, my daily affirmations, community involvement, etc." she explains. It’s an organic connection. "That then leads to real estate deals and referrals.”
Outside of real estate Shawana is an advocate for self-love, mental health, and voter equality. She is a member of the NAACP - Cleveland Branch, and the Women's Council of REALTORS® NEO. Her dream destinations are Paris, Rome, and Ghana, as they exemplify her love of culture and architecture. In her free time she enjoys making candles, a hobby birthed during the COVID quarantine, and spending time with her mother Carolyn, furbaby Beau, and her “M&M's” as she lovingly refers to her children - Maliyah (22), Mekhi (18), and Madison (16).
In 2023 Shawana plans to launch a luxury candle brand and obtain her real estate broker's license. She's currently in the process of becoming a Certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) and a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS), devoting more time to the luxury home market, and growing her team - Luxé Haus Group. “From day one as a solo agent, I’ve always referred to my personal brand as Luxé Haus,” she says. “Now that I'm building my own team, I've simply added ‘Group’.”
For Shawana it's all about alignment. Having found her footing in the luxury niche, she and her team are fully prepared to service all price points. For those who are manifesting success and abundance, Shawana offers this advice: “Your dream life is on the other side of fear; so stand in your power, take up space, and unapologetically go after EVERYTHING you desire!”