Win-Win Results

In what can sometimes be a winner-take-all world, it’s refreshing to see the type of results your efforts create each day … helping all sides in a transaction move forward to the next stage in life.
That’s something that fuels Clara Torres in her work each day, as well.
As Broker/Owner of Altru Realty Advisors, Clara seeks win-win results for those around her.
Clara was initially licensed in 2015, then went on to found her own brokerage with a trusted colleague who served as the designated Broker. She then obtained her own Broker’s license and became the designated Broker of Altru Realty Advisors in 2019. Today, she has four agents. As the team grows, the all-in commitment remains the same.
“Our mindset is to help all parties involved to create win-win results. As part of that, I like to have smooth transactions with other agents I work with,” Clara says. 
“I also think it’s important to be altruistic in any profession that you’re in. I think when you do that, things work out the best that way.”
Getting Her Start
Prior to beginning her journey in real estate, Clara worked in the pharmacy business for 12 years. 
“I was with Target for seven years, and I realized it wasn’t going to do everything that I wanted to have in my career. I had some real estate experience … my husband and a friend started an investment company and purchased their first property in 2013. We bought our first home that year, too,” Clara says. 
“During that time, I became interested in HGTV… I realized that I needed to have a real estate license to help with what they were doing. Both of them already had their real estate licenses, as well. They always knew that they wanted to venture into real estate long-term. I thought I could help them and see what it was all about.”
Giving of Herself
Clara’s first transaction was with a good friend. She ended up committing half of her commission.
“It was so rewarding. I started doing that will all my clients,” she says. “I have a bit of a different philosophy. I have always done that. It allows me to have word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family. It paid off tenfold.”
In addition, Clara has taken steps to help people win in other ways beyond real estate as well.  She created Altru Community a non-profit to help first-time homebuyers by providing grants to homeowners for structural repairs.
Family Foundation
Away from work, Clara’s passion for her family is central to her life. She treasures time with her husband, Jose, and their two children. They are expecting their third.
“I love being a mom,” she says with a smile. “My family members are my why in life.”
In her free time, Clara loves listening to music. She also enjoys yoga and time on her Peloton and treadmill. She definitely stays active. Through time, she has taken part in 5ks and half marathons. 
When it comes to giving back, she likes to lead by example. She has a personal blog called The Altruistic Lifestyle with Clara Torres.
“It’s especially directed toward moms and moms of color to provide needed resources for them,” she says. 
“That’s my favorite part about life. I love working … it’s about empowering working moms or other moms. I have a website launching, too. We highlight different non-profits. It will highlight resources for people and moms of color in the entrepreneur space.”
Giving Her All
A person’s success can be measured in their willingness and ability to help others. As a result, Clara is one of the most successful people you will meet. 
“My goal is to help others and better situations if I can and help out in any way that I can,” she says with a smile. “You can be successful and help others. I really believe that you can try to have it all.”
Congratulations to this month’s Rising Star, Clara Torres, for continually creating win-win results for the world around her.