Taking Nothing for Granted

One of the greatest attributes you can have when it comes to continuing to reach the goals you have in mind is having true appreciation for what you already have. 
When you value the path you’ve been on, you see your achievements. When you are grateful for and think about all that you’ve done… that gives you confidence in knowing that your next milestones are just a few steps away.
Janelle Alcantara has that spirit of self-awareness, positivity, and belief in the future.
“I feel that my approach to real estate stems from appreciating the potential in every house, and every build site, no matter how old or neglected. I love taking on the challenge of creating a special house out of a property that is being rejected by the market,” she says. 
“Sometimes that means re-configuring a 1950s ranch by moving the kitchen from one side of the house to the other to create a great room that opens to the backyard. No matter how bad the house is, I can always see the potential. Then, I assemble the right team of architects, builders, engineers, and investors to realize my vision.” 
True Commitment
As a Global Real Estate Advisor and a member of Leaders Circle with Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s, Janelle takes nothing for granted as she continues to build results for herself and those around her. You see it in the sense of commitment she has for her community.
“It’s easy to take our city for granted. Dallas has so many beautiful neighborhoods. They have large lots, magnificent trees and also have convenient access to restaurants, retail, highways, and airports. Many of them are being re-developed by builders that care more about their own profits than the integrity of our neighborhoods,” Janelle says. 
“As agents, we are empowered to make a difference in the way that our city is revitalized. We can encourage our clients to invest in intelligent design by educating them on the value of hiring architects. We can support the builders that deliver quality construction. We can protect the architecturally significant homes in our communities from the people that would prefer to demolish them. We can initiate or participate in beautification projects that contribute to the desirability of our neighborhoods. Over the years, I've volunteered many hours to protecting the neighborhoods and communities where I live and work. For me, that's meant starting HOAs, organizing fundraisers, supporting local restaurants and family owned businesses, and getting involved in re-zoning cases with City Council.”
Lifelong Interest
As Janelle looks back, she thinks about the way her career path she enjoys today really started in some ways when she was nine years old.
“My mother was a prominent designer of swimming pools. She was also a builder and built a few homes, as well. She worked for Shaddock and Cook,” she says. “I was always around construction, home design, and real estate in that regard.”
In time, Janelle earned her real estate license. As she thinks back, the transition that she made into a new career made sense for her.
“It all stemmed from my interest in construction, design, and building houses. I had a desire to create better-designed homes and more interesting homes than what I saw on the market,” Janelle says. 
“As I started that process, I sought out builders and investors that were renovating homes — helping them find homes to renovate and helping to push and optimize their design … thinking of things in ways they had not thought of before to help them earn a higher ROI.”
Hitting Her Stride
Janelle built a network of home renovators and investors. In the process, she found herself as a lead agent to help them find properties they could renovate. 
“I was helping to push their design process and selling the house when completed,” she remembers. “That created a full-circle market for me … creating the inventory and coming in contact with buyers and sellers.”
The passion she has for her work is what she calls multi-faceted, with unique days, new adventures, and being able to dive in and figure out the best ways to market and position properties.
“As I work, I don’t farm a certain area. I go after houses that I think are inspiring and intriguing,” she says. “I really like making good design available for everyone.”
Through time, Janelle has continued gaining ground. At the same time, she has picked up a number of accolades and honors. For several years running, she has been a D Magazine top Producer. She also has attained Leaders Circle status, reflecting her lofty level of success.
Life’s Fulfillment
Away from work, Janelle smiles as she thinks of the example of leadership and involvement that she saw in her mother, Jill Alcantara.
“She was well-known in Collin County. She was involved early on and was instrumental in developing parks, green belts, and planting trees,” she says. 
“She was known as ‘The Tree Lady.’ She is personally credited with planting thousands of trees in Collin County and in Dallas. She could conceptualize and design a project, then do fundraising, and oversee the installation of the project.”
In her free time, Janelle likes to take on new activities that challenge her to grow. One recent endeavor she has started is playing the drums, something she had thought about for a long time.
“Having no musical talent or ability, I enrolled myself in the School of Rock and since then, playing the drums has become an obsession,” she says with a smile. “It is fun, fulfilling, and it’s exciting to play in a band with other people. I was 52 when I started playing. It’s great to try new things … to give yourself new challenges and adventures.”
As Janelle thinks about the community that she reveres, she loves supporting animal rescue organizations, and she is a big fan of the work being done by the Dallas Architecture Forum. 
“They help to educate people on the importance of good design and how it affects and shapes our lives each day … most of the time without us even being consciously aware of it,” she points out. “The forum helps us be more aware of that and understand how architecture and design benefits all of us in our everyday lives.”
With care, in-depth attention to the needs of other, and a desire to learn and grow each day, Janelle Alcantara makes a lasting impact on the lives of people each day … in turn, taking nothing for granted on her own journey.