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Puling Together with Teamwork

The team approach is time-tested. As you know there is real strength in numbers on your side. 
That’s the dynamic being perfected the team at Lawyers Title in Dallas.
Powerful Balance
While Lawyers Title is a Fortune 500 company, it maintains an important balance — being large enough to provide comprehensive service and options, and yet carrying a vital local and personal level of service for you and your clients.
The team brings a local feel, yet with the important backing and support of the overall organization.
In the process, one of the points of pride for the team is serving the community for the long haul. With operations stretched across the nation, there is a strong, local focus in the Dallas area.
Dynamic Possibilities
That high level of Dallas service is delivered through two office locations, including Lakewood and Park Cities.
Those two offices represent a dynamic team of 20 professionals who dedicate their experience and expertise on behalf of you and your clients.
The team dynamic is remarkable. Those who work with Lawyers Title appreciate the fact that the team operates and feels like a family. In fact, some of the team members have worked together for decades. 
Within the team is a diverse set of skills and backgrounds, with each professional specializing in various areas. 
In turn, that allows Lawyers Title to effectively meet and exceed the needs of partners and clients in a wide range of transaction types.
Entrepreneurial Spark
As you put your own business-building skills to work, it’s refreshing to have a partner on your side who shares that same approach in supporting your efforts. That’s what you get with their team.
When you talk with the team, it’s easy to see the drive they have for serving their clients. At the same time, they also carry a strong entrepreneurial spirit. 
One of the keys to maintaining that level of service and energy is the way the company supports its team members with a strong work/life balance. The result is a superior work product for partners and clients … a chain reaction of service.
The Drive to Serve
The entire team feels a strong drive to grow and be at their best for those they serve. One of the secrets of success for Lawyers Title revolves around its longstanding reputation as being one of the best places to work through all market conditions.
The ongoing success story at Lawyers Title begins with a strong sense of understanding their partners and clients, putting them in their shoes.
Along the way, vast experience in the industry and market makes a difference. In fact, as the members of the team will attest, there aren’t many deal types that they haven’t seen and worked with before. 
Clients also appreciate the fact that they receive transparent communication each step along the way, keeping them updated on progress toward the closing table.
Partners for the Long Run
One word that the team emphasizes is partnership … putting over a century of combined experience to work. 
That means they have a rare and powerful ability to put the assortment of pieces together to make the deal move forward seamlessly.
At the end of the day, it’s easy to see the sense of teamwork and pride that permeates the partnerships that Lawyers Title continues to build and strengthen … in turn, producing reliable high-quality results.
Lawyers Title