Amy Jo Smith

In Service to Our Heroes

The sacrifices and commitment that go into serving in the U.S. military are things that only those who have been in uniform can truly understand. 
Although, their family members have a very good idea, because they live through those times with them.
Serving from the Heart
Amy Jo Smith is a REALTOR® and Director of Mentorship at Pinnacle Realty Advisors. She is one of those family members who remembers the dedicated service of her father, who fought in the Vietnam War.
“My mom passed away five years ago. She was from the Philippines, and my dad served in the U.S. Navy. They met each other during the war, and they came here and started their family,” Amy Jo says. 
“They ended up being married just over 50 years.”
Today, Amy Jo proudly serves those who have served our country with her niche working with veterans.
“That’s where my heart and soul is. I want to do a big shout-out to our veterans. A lot of them aren’t very well-versed in the VA loan and feel they can only use it once,” Amy Jo explains. 
“I really pride myself on working with veterans. I love what I do, hearing all of their stories and the fact that they fought for our country and our freedoms. That’s where my heart and soul lie.”
Moving from One Success to Another
Amy Jo earned her real estate license in 2013. Prior to that, she worked as a bartender at a high-end restaurant when the idea of pursuing real estate came to her through one of her patrons.
“One of my regulars approached me and said I should get my real estate license and he would hire me. I did get my license and the market started to shift, so it didn’t work for me to join his team. So, I went on to join a larger brokerage. I got my feet wet and then left to join a smaller brokerage.”
Her career was off and running. She spared little time in establishing her presence in the business. In fact, she earned Rookie of the Year honors.
Amy Jo’s transition into the business went fairly smoothly as she recalls. Her bartending career had paved the way for success.
“I work very relationally. I knew all of the old bar regulars, including their family names and birthdays, and that’s how I transitioned,” she says. “After I got my license, I delivered pop-by gifts and I stayed inand I stayed in contact with them.”
The passion she has for her work is easy to see.
“I really enjoy getting to know new people. Everyone has a different story,” she says. “I also like following up with clients and learning about their houses and where they’re at in their lives.”
She puts her drive to work to make real estate dreams come true.
“I love what I do. When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work,” she says.
Family Foundation
Her family is another major motivator for her. She cherishes time with them, including her husband, Bryant, her children, Lana and Lincoln, and her father, Richard.
They also have two wiener dogs that they adore — Wrangler and Levi.
In her free time, Amy Jo is a big reader. Her favorites include fiction, along with a variety of non-fiction topics, including self-help and personal development topics. She also has a passion for traveling, spending time at the beach, and following Pittsburgh sports.
“Whether it’s the Steelers, Pirates, or Penguins, I’m a big fan of Pittsburgh’s teams, since my dad grew up there,” she says with a smile.
Leading the Way
Amy Jo has built a very successful career in the industry. And that growth comes from helping others move forward in their own lives. As she reflects on her own achievements, she shares helpful tips for others who want to continue moving ahead in the business themselves.
“They have to figure out what works for them. For example, it helps to think about your preferences for how you like to work. Some people are marketers, while others enjoy getting out and networking. Both are great. The key is following whatever your strengths and preferences are. Whatever those are, that’s what you need to focus on,” Amy Jo says. 
“Keep going and dig deeper every day. Literally it’s about follow up and being consistent. Business isn’t going to fall in your lap.”
With full engagement, great listening skills and genuine care, Amy Jo Smith continues to put her best foot forward while she helps those around her do the same in their own lives.