Dillon Dewald

An Edge for Their Future

In the race to serve your clients’ needs and to get them to the closing table and beyond, they look to you … to your record of experience and expertise. 
The truth is you provide a vital advantage for them … supporting their desires and helping them find their way forward.
Dillon Dewald is powered by that same responsibility, as well.
Future Focus
As Broker Associate with League Real Estate, Dillon provides those around him with a real edge for their future.
“I love being able to provide knowledge and data outside of what people are able to do on their own. There’s a lot of resources online and people try to mimic the expertise. I enjoy bringing a deeper, more sound level of expertise,” Dillon says. 
“I’m very detailed and thorough. In my analytical approach, I’m able to give all types of data points. Clients realize that I’m giving them information that they need to know for their transaction.”
Lasting Influence
Dillon grew up around real estate. That influence stayed with Dillon as he carved out a path of success for himself.
“Both of my grandfathers were developers in Central Texas. I studied Accounting and Finance in college and got my CPA license shortly after graduation. I began my career in public accounting and then worked in the Oil & Gas industry for a few years before transitioning to a role as a transaction advisor,” Dillon says. 
“In my role in transaction advisory, I was helping people with the purchase and sale of companies. During that, a lot of what I worked with were lower middle market companies. I loved that part of the advising … working with business owners … hearing their stories and how they grew their companies and now they were getting ready to sell it.” 
Dillon enjoyed the relational side of his work in helping them get their company ready to sell. As part of that, he had to travel all over the country. 
“I loved being an advisor for my clients, however I really wanted to do something in Fort Worth. The one thing I didn’t like was going all over and not feeling part of my community. So, I got my real estate license in 2019. I got it initially thinking I wanted to do it for investment properties,” Dillon says. 
“I did that for a year and a half. I stepped into it part-time and really enjoyed getting to do similar types of due diligence. I realized that my skillset in the corporate world was transferrable to my community and could be used much more relationally as a realtor, a trusted advisor.”
Driven by What Matters Most
Dillon is driven in what he does each day by being a father of four.
“That’s really what does it for me,” he says with a smile. 
“It means a lot to me being able to have flexibility and being able to provide for them. I love helping families that have kids and helping with that transition in their lives.”
The record of results that Dillon has created through time has been remarkable. In fact, in three and a half years, he has recorded 100 transactions representing $40 million in sales volume. 
On top of all of that, Dillon also completed his MBA program at TCU — the culmination of two years of sustained effort.
Enriching Life
Family makes life much richer for Dillon. He treasures time with his wife of 13 years, Erin, and their children  — 10-year-old son, Jack; 9-year-old son, Hunter; 7-year-old daughter, Greer; and 4-year-old daughter, Sloane.
In his free time, Dillon enjoys supporting his children in their sports and activities. In addition, they have family land near Austin that they enjoy spending time at. In general, they love spending time together outdoors.
When it comes to giving back, Dillon likes to support several organizations, including Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Union Gospel Mission in Fort Worth and Fort Worth Pregnancy Center. They also enjoy staying active in their church — Watermark Church of Fort Worth.
In a world where every advantage can make the difference between dreams pondered and dreams realized, Dillon Dewald definitely helps his clients find their way home to the next rewarding chapter in their lives.