A Mission in Motion

When good things happen in life, in most cases it’s because someone at the foresight and the will to make them come into being. They moved forward with a sense of relentless purpose.
The same holds true for the way Adriana Fraire approaches her life and work.
As a REALTOR® with Keller Williams, Adriana definitely puts her mission of helping others into active motion each day.
“I’m a go-getter. I like to be busy. I like coming to the office and having things to do. The end result is working with people and creating relationships,” Adriana says. 
“That’s my motivator … having people to help. I feel down if it is slow. Movement is key not only for business but also for my mental well-being.”
Finding New Possibilities
Adriana grew up in Mexico, moving here when she was 14 years old. She has been shaped in positive ways through the examples of leadership she experienced with her family.
“I come from a family of farmers that have given me a lot. They made me a hard worker, a giver, and a person that values others,” she remembers. 
“I had very little, and now I’m in a position to help people. I still feel like that person who grew up with not much. I want others to know that my background did define me in a very positive way because of what I am today. It all comes from how I was raised.” 
Taking a New Path
As Adriana thinks back to her start in the business in 2018, she says that she began her journey because of her husband.
“He is an investor. He was listing with other agents, and he insisted that I got my license,” she recalls. “He brought me the information for enrolling in school, and I went along with it. It’s the best decision that I have made.”
In the beginning, she worked dual careers. Prior to real estate, she worked at a hair salon.
“When COVID-19 hit, that shut down. Working at the salon had been my security blanket. It had been my whole life. When that shut down during COVID, real estate picked up,” Adriana says.
“I loved it from the beginning because I realized I’m helping people with one of their biggest dreams. For some people they don’t think it’s possible, and then they are surprised to know that everything they have already done has put them in position to do it.”
Signs of Success. Cherished Teamwork.
Her passion for helping those dreams become a reality has produced remarkable results. In fact, in 2022 she recorded 35 transactions.
One of the most enjoyable parts of her work is having the chance to lead her own team that she started a year ago — Sundance Property Group. Her team includes two buyer’s agents, along with her administrative assistant and a virtual assistant.
“I attend a lot of trainings, and during those I learn that you can’t do it alone. You have to find people who are better than you at some things and bring them on to create and empower other leaders. The reason I created a team was because two of my friends got their licenses, and I invited them to join,” Adriana says. 
“I offer them advice and assistance. I want us to be known as agents that help the community and give back … that people know we are here to help and not just here to make money. We want people to trust us.”
Family Highlights
Away from work, Adriana treasures time with her family, including her husband, Gerardo, and their children — their daughter, Kamilah; and their son, Sebastian.
“Gerardo has been very supportive of me. He is the reason I’m at this point because of all of the support he has given me,” Adriana says. “He has been involved with real estate since 2008 and has a lot of knowledge that he has been willing to share with me and my team.”
In their free time, Adriana and her family have a passion for travel. They also like to go on bike rides with her father and brothers. 
Another free-time activity that Adriana takes part in is running.
When it comes to giving back, Adriana joined forces with another agent. Together they saw the need to help the community and are considering creating an effort to provide the tools and resources in the community.
Those who have the chance to know Adriana appreciate the way she adds value and lifts others up.
“I like to elevate people. I like making people feel like they are the only clients we have,” she says.
“It’s fulfilling to help people have a home … to have helped them meet their goals and dreams. It’s something that gives me a lot of satisfaction. I make it a point to build relationships with my clients,” Adriana says. “You get very close with people during the process. I like to stay in relationships with my past clients. Helping those 35 families last year was a blessing to me and my family, and I hope it’s a blessing to them as well, as we help them buy or sell.”