Laura Quinn

Never Say Never

It’s not too difficult to find reasons to be negative in the world. But then again, it’s always been that way. Those who move ahead and live the kind of life they want don’t make excuses. They make plans.
Laura Quinn is a brilliant example of that spirit.
Inspired and Engaged
As a REALTOR® with REAL Fort Worth Properties, Laura brings a never-say-never approach to life and business. Real estate has been the perfect complement to the life she enjoys.
“Through what I do, I truly love seeing a family be so excited to get their brand new home and then seeing how they turned that house into their home … day-to-day just knowing that I'm helping families,” she says. 
“Plus, with real estate I have such a flexible schedule so I can still be a part of my son's life and spend time with my husband. We renovate homes and own a general contracting company, as well. So real estate allows me to have the flexibility working with our projects, hanging out with my son, and doing my job of being a REALTOR®.”
Seeing What’s Possible
Laura’s ability to look for what’s possible comes directly from her parents, who both immigrated to the U.S. years ago, overcoming a lot to pursue — and capture — the American Dream.
“When my dad first immigrated here at a young age, he was a homeless man. He arrived in Los Angeles, California, and lived under a bench,” Laura explains. “He had absolutely nothing with him.”
She shares her father’s story with a mix of awe and pride.
“My father told us about his experience when he came here. He said, ‘I was a homeless man, didn't speak any English, and didn't know anyone. I had access to absolutely nothing … just figuring it out on my own,’” Laura remembers his words. 
“Eventually he ended up finding a job. And from there he worked hard through years for a property management company as a handyman and got his own general contractor’s license.”
Laura remembers when her parents bought their first home when she was seven years old. It was just the start.
“After that they just started slowly buying multiple properties, and eventually they had millions invested in real estate. That inspired us that, if he can do it, then there truly is no reason for us to not be able to accomplish our dreams and goals in life,” Laura recalls. “As my parents told us, ‘You can become whoever you want to as long as you work for it. If we could build what we have now, there’s absolutely no reason for you to not be able to achieve your dreams. You were born here. You speak the language.”
Jumping In
As Laura remembers, real estate wasn't originally her dream job. 
“They always wanted one of their children to hopefully follow in their footsteps to be able to continue their legacy. But my original route was nursing,” Laura says. “That didn't work out for me. So I went to what I knew I truly loved, which was real estate.”
Like most who enter real estate, Laura had to work her way through the obstacles of launching herself into the business.
“It was different going from the medical field to real estate. But I've always had a passion for helping people. My goal was always to be a multi-million-dollar producing agent. Every year I would set a goal saying this is how much I want to make this year. When I want something, I am going to find a way to get it. So, I would worked as hard as I could to reach my goal to be a multi-million-dollar producer by the time I was 30.”
She achieved that goal way before then.
Fulfilling Life
Family continues to inspire and fulfill Laura. She cherishes time with her husband, Anthony, and their son, Waylon. They also look forward to time spent with her parents — Ismael and Gladys Sanabria.
“Many would tell my dad he was crazy to quit his job to start his own company and move to another state,” Laura says. “They told him it would be too risky, that he already had a great job, but despite what others told him, he still quit his job, and alongside my mom they chased their dreams and have never regretted that decision. Life wasn't easy for them, but no matter the obstacle, they overcame them all for the American dream and to give their children a better life!”
As Laura says, she wants to instill the same beliefs in life to her son.
“I want him to believe he can follow his dreams and achieve them no matter what, as long as he puts his all into it. I hope the story of his grandparents can live on for many generations and inspire others,” Laura says. “For him to remember the upbringing of his grandma (my mom) and having to leave her life behind to follow the American Dream, and his grandpa (my dad) being homeless living in a park in LA and both grandparents working extremely hard, is what got them to owning multi-million-dollar investment properties. I truly say to this day that both my parents are the hardest-working humans I know. Them working side-by-side for over 35 years is truly an inspiration.”
In their free time, Laura and her family have a passion for traveling, spending time on the lake in their boat, and salsa dancing.
When it comes to giving back, Laura and her husband have been very active in BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) in the past.
It’s true that Laura has many interests and talents. And the special ingredient that makes it all work is the fact that she works at what she wants to make it happen. 
As she says with a smile, “My first Broker used to call me a shark in a good way because of the way that I would fight for my clients.”
Laura and Anthony look forward to working on general contracting projects together.
“Now we actually work side-by-side with my dad, as well. When we're working on renovating homes, he'll come out and help us out at our job sites,” she says.
“Sometimes it's risky to work with family. But from our experience, it's truly been a blessing and it's worked out for us. We really learn from my parents. They're the ones that literally started from the bottom and here they are. I love learning through them.”
In turn, Laura brings that never-say-never drive to life each day—to the benefit of her clients and community.