The Power of Belief

If you focus on it, there are plenty of examples of darkness and negativity that are just waiting to sidetrack you. But the one thing that will always shine through is the light that comes from believing in yourself.
Corey Daniel is a prime example of that spirit.
As a REALTOR® with Fathom Realty, Corey is a shining example of the power that exists through belief.
Finding the Right Path
When Corey was just 16 years old, he had ventured down a dangerous path in life fueled by his upbringing.
“At that time, I spent a year being locked up. I remember being locked up and talking with my mom on a payphone. She said you will never do anything in life,” he remembers. “That was motivating to me. I’ve always had that grit and determination to prove other people otherwise.”
Gaining Ground
Step by step, Corey put that determination to work in getting on a positive track and building from there.
Corey grew up in LA. He played trumpet and was a band director before moving to Texas to get his master’s degree. He ended up teaching for ten years.
“My last year in education I was burned out. I didn’t have any more to give,” he recalls. “Education is an important thing to give, and I didn’t want to short change the students by not being able to give my all. So I sat down with a friend who was a REALTOR® and decided to do real estate.”
Passion for the Profession
Corey earned his real estate license in 2016 and has built success on the passion he has for helping people.
“I love my clients and getting to know their stories … making that connection when I’m selling a house. There’s always a story … people share a lot in a house,” he explains. “I love sharing those times that they experienced in that house. It’s more than just a transaction. It’s a life that you’re helping someone transition. That’s the biggest thing or me.”
Family Fulfillment
Away from work, Corey feels blessed to share a remarkable bond with his wife, Randi.
“A long time ago, Randi served time herself. Her story is also about redemption. We connected immediately together on many levels. One of the biggest things we have in common is the fact that there is no quit in us,” Corey says with a smile.
“Real estate is very challenging and getting business takes effort. You have to go after it … just like I do in my relationship with my kids, my wife, and the Lord,” he emphasizes. “I give my clients everything and keep on keeping on.”
Corey and Randi treasure time with their children — 4-year-old daughter, Paige; and 2-year-old son, Palmer.
“We adopted both Paige and Palmer, and we have a huge place in our hearts for foster/adopted families,” Corey says.
Away from work, Corey has a passion for hunting and cooking. But, family time is his favorite.
“I always leave my cell phone and work bag in the truck for at least an hour … so I can spend quality time with my family. We do devotionals with them. It’s more of a lifestyle,” he explains. “I work really hard to provide for my family and to give to the Lord. We lead small groups in church, as well.”
In addition, Corey and Randi have a heart for helping. They support Graffiti Ministries, as well as Great House Center. Another favorite is Sanctified Hope, a halfway house for women getting out of prison. 
“Randi helped to start that group and is still on the Board of Directors there,” Corey says.
Positive Leadership
With a deep sense of gratitude, determination, and care for others, Corey continues to pour himself into the people he serves each day.
“I never thought I would have my own business and own my own rental properties,” he says. “I just showed up every day and am very determined. I’m super focused and never give up. It doesn’t mean I don’t fail … I fail all the time but I don’t give up.”
Day-by-day, Corey Daniel is proof positive of the power that exists through belief.