Creative Catalyst for Results

The spark needed to produce a dynamic chain reaction of events isn’t limited to experiments in the chemistry lab. 
Jonathan Bell provides an important boost for those around him, fueling their progress, as well.
As Owner and Investment Advisor with Bell Realty Company, Jonathan is definitely a creative catalyst for results with his commercial and investment clients.
“I love being part of the day-to-day and long-term success that my clients experience,” Jonathan emphasizes. 
“It’s a privilege to serve my clients and be a part of their real estate business, whether it's in portfolio analysis, problem solving, or investment planning. For example, many clients need to reevaluate and restructure their portfolios to align with their goals.  Crafting an effective strategy for each client is challenging in this market, yet it has led us to discover exciting new investment opportunities. Every client has different objectives and risk tolerances that need to be considered when forming a suitable investment plan.”
A Steady, Rewarding Path 
Jonathan was born in Los Angeles, moving to Texas when he was a child. Along the way, real estate was something that captured his imagination through time.
When he was 19 years old, he started working at a bank, becoming a Licensed Banker. Through time, he had the opportunity to pursue different paths in various departments like management, mortgage banking, investments, and business banking.
“I chose business banking because the complexity of the clients' needs appealed to me,” he says. 
“As a Commercial Relationship Manager, I learned how to underwrite different businesses and industries.  Developing a proficiency in financial statements and tax returns has been a critical skill when working with commercial and investment real estate.” 
Driven to Serve
The solutions Jonathan has the chance to craft and put into practice on behalf of his clients drive him.
“I’m excited to help my clients find solutions to meet their investment goals. It’s fun and exciting to adapt to market conditions,” Jonathan says. “There’s opportunity everywhere.  After seven years, I still get a dopamine rush every time I find the next property or strategy to present to a client.”
Family Highlights
Away from work, family is at the heart of life for Jonathan. 
He treasures time with his wife, Lizzet, and their children — 5-year-old daughter, Elizabeth; and 1-year-old son, Luke. He is beyond proud of his wife’s thriving staging business that she launched in 2021.
Reflecting on Success
As Jonathan reflects on his own career, he shares helpful tips with others who are looking to move forward with their careers in investment real estate representation.
“Understanding your clients’ needs and path to success is required to identify areas of opportunity in their real estate investing business.  Agents who accustom themselves to adding value will retain more business and have a distinct advantage over their competition.  
“I will make extra calls, take meetings with CPAs, Bankers, Attorneys, Architects, etc. if it can add value to a client’s business or real estate project.  Consistently pushing for value shows the client we are working with them to accomplish their investment goals.  The client’s success is my success, there is no other way to operate.”
Future Focus
With sincere trustworthiness, expertise, and integrity, Jonathan is the spark needed to help the dreams of others come true.
As he looks to the future, Jonathan is proud to be collaborating with Andrew Patterson and team.
“We are focusing on development opportunities and larger investment client needs. With Patterson, it’s now possible to execute at a higher level than ever before,” he says with a smile.
Day-by-day, Jonathan Bell invests himself in the needs and challenges that his clients face. As a result, he is a creative catalyst for them to achieve new results.