Rusty Parker

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Compassionate and grounded, Rusty Parker serves as the calm in the storm during transactions with his clients. He is the Originating Branch Manager with OVM Financial and intentionally operates according to his ethics. “I saw this as an opportunity to help more families get into homes,” remarks the former teacher, referring to what he found appealing about mortgage lending.

OVM Financial is a mortgage lending company that considers its principles and values regarding every product, pricing and procedure. “OVM is a home-grown lender built by some of Coastal Virginia's best and highest-producing loan officers,” says Rusty. They offer a wide variety of products with a clientele ranging from veterans and active-duty service members to first-time homebuyers and luxury buyers. 

“Being of service to others is a central tenet of my business plan,” remarks Rusty, “and OVM’s commitment to lending across the socio-economic spectrum certainly aligned with my values.” He is sympathetic to the younger and upcoming generations looking at buying a home. However, he is fortunate to have the ability to be flexible in these situations and provide solutions to the best of his abilities. 

Originally, Rusty was an English teacher in San Diego, then Virginia Beach. While expecting the birth of his first child, he decided to leave that career and find something that allowed greater flexibility and growth potential. Because he was always fascinated with real estate and has an innate entrepreneurial spirit, the mortgage lending industry piqued his interest. His friend, who was partnered with a mortgage company in Arizona, influenced him to enter the field and served as a guide through his “first few ‘nutty’ years.”

Although Rusty enjoys most aspects of his work, he especially enjoys witnessing clients purchase their first homes, particularly the ones who hadn’t previously believed it was a possibility. “I’m in this for the intangibles,” he states, “the feeling of satisfaction that comes from aiding people in creating generational wealth, well-being and security from creating a home.” His empathetic nature has contributed to his success, as is having a mentor who exemplified who he wanted to be in this profession.

As a yoga instructor, Rusty lives an active lifestyle. He has what he jokingly calls a “surfing problem” and has surfed all over the globe, including in Hawaii, Central America and Asia. He loves coffee and has read every Shakespeare play at least once. 

Rusty considers himself an art enthusiast and assists his artist girlfriend, who is an abstract expressionist, at her exhibits. He has two children Jackson, 19, and Ian, 14 (along with a “nihilistic” cat named Mochi). Together, the family enjoys biking, hiking and traveling. 

Rusty doesn’t measure his success in terms of income or accolades, but as “internal peace,” and he strives to steadily grow, listen and help as many people reach their goals as he can. 

Both Rusty and OVM are fluent in their products to assist those from various economic backgrounds. “I feel like I’m doing actual good,” Rusty says about the fulfillment he’s discovered in this line of work. “One approved loan at a time.” 

A current special OVM Financial is offering is their Cash2Keys Program, which can benefit clients who wish to become cash buyers but don’t necessarily have the resources to do so. To learn more and work with Rusty Parker, call him at (757) 560-8661 or email