Margery Velasquez

By 2014, Margery Velasquez was ready for a career change. She had been working in customer service at Loma Linda University Medical Center for the previous 16 years, and despite her love for the work, she recognized it was time to move on.
“A lot of my coworkers at the time were going to school to be nurses, doctors, and therapists. I got to a point where I thought, ‘What do I really want to do?’ I really didn’t know. That was my high school job, and I worked there for 16 years. It was time for something new.”
As Margery racked her brain for a career that would fulfill her, one option rose to the surface: real estate sales.
“Real estate wasn't something I always wanted to do, but as I considered my options, I realized I had the experience to make it work,” Margery reflects. “It took us years to find the right house, and that sparked an interest in real estate. I thought, ‘What if I sell real estate?’ It just clicked.”
Margery’s first taste of real estate came through her journey when buying a home. She and her husband set out to purchase a home soon after the recession. Cash buyers flooded the market, making it difficult for Margery and her husband to get their VA loan-supported offer accepted.
Margery cycled through four REALTORS® before finding someone who could help her find the home of her dreams. Some of those agents were focused more on their own paychecks than Margery’s needs. Others wanted to push her to buy in areas she wasn’t interested in. After three failed attempts, Margery and her husband took a breather, setting aside their hopes of buying a home as they searched for a REALTOR® who could provide the guidance they needed.
Finally, Margery found a REALTOR who offered what she desired. This agent was patient, genuine, and not pushy. She cared about Margery’s needs and, ultimately, helped her find her family a house.
Margery had a deep understanding of the impact an agent can make on the lives of families. She had first-hand experience with the pain of struggling to find a home. She also had a positive experience to draw on; the REALTOR® who finally listened to her desires made a profound positive impact in her life.
So as Margery began her real estate career in 2014, she set out to be like her last REALTOR® — kind, patient, and caring.
“I never want to be pushy. I don't want to force or push people to do things they don't want to do or into a city they don't want to go to. I want to be genuine,” Margery says.
Over the past nine years, Margery has stood by her commitment to integrity, allowing her to become one of the area’s top agents. “I put my buyers and sellers first. They are my priority. Most of my business is referral business now, and that reassures me that I'm doing the job right. I believe in putting people's needs first, and people notice that,” Margery explains. “I believe clients work with me because I’m patient. I'm not pushy. I'm not salesy. I always focus on what their needs are.”
Margery recently obtained her broker’s license. While she has dreams of one day opening an independent agency, for now, she’s happy where she is. Keller Williams offers her the support and camaraderie she seeks, allowing her to grow as an agent and a human being. Margery is leaving it up to God to determine where her career goes next.
“Most importantly, I want people to know that I am a very caring person. I put God first, and I put my clients’ needs first. I treat all people with respect. And I think that means a lot, especially in the times we are living in right now.”