A Better Home Inspection

Danny Forster was still a young boy when his grandfather, Ray, founded A Better Home Inspection in 1988. Over thirty years later, Danny is at the helm of the company, leading the company into the future with modern innovation and a commitment to the values his grandfather founded the company upon.
“My grandfather and I were best friends,” Danny reflects. “I was involved in the business with him from the time I was just six years old, hanging out on jobs on the weekends. From there, my involvement grew.”
As the years passed, Danny was given more responsibility. By eight years old, he was tasked with testing outlets during inspections. By the time he was a young teen, he was doing entire portions of the home inspection on his own.
“It got to a point where I'd do the inside of a house, and my grandfather would do the outside of the house. I remember one day when I was 16, I showed up at his house, and he wasn’t feeling well, so he sent me out to do the inspection we had scheduled. I doubted myself, but he knew I could do it,” Danny reflects. “When I came back, he seemed like he was feeling fine… and he admitted he wasn't sick. He knew I was ready.”
Danny soon became the third generation Forster to officially join the company, joining his mom, Chris, and grandfather. As an employee, he had the chance to see the inner workings of the family business. Danny’s grandfather and mom taught him how impactful their role in real estate transactions is, how to serve clients, and how to communicate well.
In 2010, Danny became a part-owner at A Better Home Inspections, working alongside his grandfather until he passed in 2018. Danny learned a great deal from his grandfather during these years, but he also had ideas of his own on how to improve the company. Once he became the sole owner, things started to really take off.
“Those eight years were fantastic, but the business changed drastically when I took over completely. The health of the company improved, and I started bringing my youth into the company — changing software, implementing new systems, bringing on new services like sewer scopes, mold inspections, pool/spa inspections, and irrigation inspections,” Danny reflects. “That really changed the experience our customers were getting from us, and I began truly developing my attributes as an owner.”
Today, A Better Home Inspection is a team of six inspectors and a strong leadership team. They do inspections seven years a week, offer 24-hour scheduling, and provide on-site reports. Under Danny’s leadership, customer service has taken a front seat.
“The interesting side of the business is who we are and what we stand for. Our values are big in our world,” Danny says. “We use an acronym for our values: ABHI, which also stands for A Better Home Inspection. Always deliver a ‘wow’ experience. Build a positive team and family spirit. Humility, community, and empathy. And finally, Integrity. Know and do what is right.”
If there’s one thing Danny wants people to know, it’s how much he cares about his clients and community. A Better Home Inspection gives back to organizations like The Semper Fi & America’s Fund, a nonprofit that serves wounded veterans. The team is continually finding ways to give their clients and partners a best-in-class home inspection experience.
“What matters to me is how do I change the lives of the people around me?” Danny explains. “You only get one life, and you have to live it to the fullest. So how do we make people's lives better for the two to three hours we are with them? Are they going to remember the inspection? Maybe. But they will definitely remember the experience. We want to be remembered for changing people's lives.”
Outside work, Danny enjoys spending time with his wife, Christina, and golfing.

For more information, visit www.forsterhomeinspections.com.