Jessica Foote

While studying at Pepperdine University, Jessica Foote worked at Starbucks, first as a barista and later as a store manager. Her role at the world-famous coffee shop gifted her with leadership training and customer service skills that have been useful in every professional position she’s held since. But, ironically, it was her drive to and from work that made the most lasting impact.
“While I drove back and forth to work, I thought, ‘What am I going to do with myself?’ I did well at Starbucks, where I ended up running a store, but I also realized coffee is not my product. But as I drove back and forth from Malibu, looking at these mansions, I had the thought: It’s real estate. That’s my calling.”
After earning two degrees from Pepperdine — a bachelor’s in sociology and an MBA in finance — Jessica set out to build a career. She spent a few years at Hewlett-Packard, where she was able to utilize her MBA as a project manager. But soon enough, she turned back toward real estate.
“I was a brand-new mom, and at the time, I was working at HP in marketing. That was right when they started laying people off because of the recession, and I was out on maternity leave. I had always wanted to be in real estate, so I decided that was the time,” Jessica reflects.
Jessica got licensed in 2009 and left her job at HP two years later.
“Everything I do, I'm all in. And I went all in on real estate,” she continues.
Over the past decade-plus, Jessica has built one of Southern California's top real estate businesses. Her success culminated with the founding of her brokerage, Native, in January 2021.
Native has quickly grown into one of the fastest-growing brokerages in SoCal. What began as a project to serve Jessica’s team has turned into much more; now, Native supports individual agents and multiple teams.
“We’re focused on maximizing the agent,” Jessica says. “Whenever someone comes to us, our goal is to make them the best they can possibly be. We see where agents have some gaps and figure out how to make them excel. When agents come to me, they usually become the dominant agent in their market.”
Jessica is obsessed with excellence, and it shows in her results. Her brokerage offers creative branding, coaching with Tom Ferry’s organization, and the support agents need to thrive.
“We are all serious, smart, and educated, but we’re also fun and lighthearted, have a lot of joy, and are funny. Culturally, it’s really enjoyable to work with us. We always leave people better than when they came to us.”
Outside work, you’ll find Jessica hanging out with her husband, Josh, and their three children, Miles (15), Micah (13), and Maiah (9). Jessica’s husband is a pastor, and her connection with God is an integral part of her life. She considers herself a strong, spiritually-led Christian.
Jessica is still somewhat new to the Temecula Valley; she moved here in 2018 after growing up and building her business in San Diego. While moving to Murrieta was an unexpected adventure in Jessica's life, she’s never been happier. She lives in Spencer's Crossing, where she’s become one of the dominant real estate agents.
“It’s been great,” Jessica beams. “Sure, it’s been an adjustment because the pace of life is slower here, but I've noticed people enjoy their life more here because they have more space. People have some financial freedom because it's not as expensive. We are really happy here.”
Now three years into her journey as a broker/owner, Jessica is excited to continue growing Native. One of her goals is to make Native the top real estate brokerage in all of California.
“The business is important, but I also don’t want to lose sight of my values,” she closes. “I want people to know they are loved and that they felt love when they were around me, that I made everybody’s lives better in some way.”