TNT Inspection Pros

Chris & Brian Treat

In the bustling world of real estate, where attention to detail and thorough inspections are paramount, one team stands out from the rest: TNT Inspection Pros. But what makes them truly exceptional is the fact that they are not just business partners, but also a father-son duo. Chris and Brian Treat came together to provide top-notch inspection services in 2020. Their shared passion for helping clients and their deep-rooted bond have propelled TNT Inspection Pros to great success.
Brian Treat, a La Mirada, California native, initially pursued a degree in Communications at Cal State Fullerton. While in college, he began working alongside his father, Chris, who was employed by another construction company at the time. Brian's professional journey first took him on a venture into military sales for 15 years after graduation. However, the desire for a change brought him back to his roots and to TNT Inspection Pros. Uncertain about his career path, Brian sought advice from his wife, who happens to be a real estate agent. She suggested he join forces with his father, leveraging their combined expertise and experience.
The idea of TNT Inspection Pros had been brewing for some time, prior to the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it wasn't until then that Brian dedicated himself full-time to the venture. Working side by side with his father was a natural progression, as Chris had always been a role model and source of inspiration throughout Brian's childhood. As Brian recalls, “He's always been a hard worker and provided for our family.” Brian admired his father's strong work ethic and dedication to providing for the family, qualities that have shaped his own professional approach. Chris had a long-standing career in construction, even running his own construction and environmental business for a period before transitioning into corporate safety and construction.
For Brian, the most fulfilling aspect of his work lies in assisting people in preparing for the next chapter of their lives. “Making sure they’re in a good spot and don’t have expensive fixes to make,” as he puts it...with the end goal being that they don’t get stuck in a bad spot with their new investment.
Through their inspections, TNT Inspection Pros. ensures that clients are well-informed about the condition of their potential new homes, avoiding costly surprises and ensuring they don't find themselves in a detrimental situation. Brian himself had faced a similar predicament in the past and credits an inspection with saving him from a poor investment. This personal experience fuels his commitment to providing exceptional service and guidance to clients.
While Brian doesn't actively compare TNT Inspection Pros to other businesses in the industry, one distinguishing factor sets them apart is the presence of both Brian and Chris during most inspections and job site walkthroughs. This unique approach allows for a quicker and more comprehensive inspection, catering to the needs of real estate agents and homeowners alike. Furthermore, TNT Inspection Pros prides itself on their attention to detail, capturing extensive visual documentation with photographs, and delivering comprehensive reports within a quick 24-hour turnaround.
The success of TNT Inspection Pros is a testament to their unwavering dedication and commitment. Brian and Chris are focused on growing their business and expanding their network, eagerly seeking opportunities to connect with new agents. Reflecting on their journey, Brian acknowledges the pivotal role played by the Matt and Jaime Nunez - Fire Family Real Estate team, who took a chance on TNT Inspection Pros in the very beginning of their venture, propelling them to new heights in the industry. He credits them for much of their success saying, “They catapulted us in the business.”
Beyond their professional endeavors, Brian finds solace and joy in spending time with his wife, Amber, and their two sons, Wyatt and Hudson. Their family is completed by their beloved dog, Harley. Camping trips and backyard barbecues are among their favorite activities, as they cherish the company of their close-knit group of lifelong friends.
As TNT Inspection Pros continues to make its mark in the world of real estate inspections, Brian and Chris Treat exemplify the strength and bond that a father and son can bring to a shared passion. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to their clients are the cornerstones of their success, leaving an indelible mark on the industry they serve.