Garrett Brookman

In 2015, Garrett Brookman found himself at a crossroads. After moving to Temecula from Encinitas the year prior, Garrett was attending college and working at Crush and Brew, a vibrant restaurant and bar. He had the drive to create the career of his dreams, but he didn’t yet know how that would take shape.
One day, real estate broker Josh Painter and lender Justin Grable came in to watch a soccer game. Garrett hit it off with the pair, talking with them as they enjoyed the game and the atmosphere.
“I was chatting them up for two to three hours. I didn't think much of it. They didn't mention they were in real estate at the time.” Garrett recalls.
Two weeks later, Josh returned to the restaurant to talk with Garrett. He asked him what his life goals were, where he was headed professionally, and eventually if he’d consider getting into real estate. Josh took notice of Garrett’s people skills, believing he had what it took to be a successful REALTOR®.
“I had never thought about that or even knew what it entailed, but it had my curiosity. He gave me his card, I called him that night, and I signed up for my license the next day,” Garrett reflects. “I have been in the restaurant industry since I was 15, and I've seen other people get job opportunities in sales. I always had the feeling that one day it would happen to me, and it did happen to me. I got my opportunity.”
While working toward getting licensed, Garrett jumped into real estate with both feet, shadowing Josh and learning the basics. The first few months of his sales career were slow, but things soon picked up, and his business grew year after year. In year five, when he sold 60 homes as a solo agent, he had hit his maximum capacity. He began building a team, helping him increase his sales further and take his business to the next level.  Garrett prides himself on offering the same type of one-on-one mentorship that Josh gave him when he began his career.
“We are young, hungry go-getters,” Garrett explains. “My whole team are guys like myself. We’re like-minded. We're focused, driven and eager to help. We’re always wanting to be better and give the best experience to our clients.”
Garrett plans to continue growing the team, but he doesn’t intend to have a mega team; rather, he hopes to build a group of six to eight agents that share a common vision. Garrett aspires to remain committed to his craft, humble, and passionate.
“I have put 1000% into every job I’ve had. That’s just my character. Beyond my family and our security, my why has always been about giving my all to create the best result. I never liked to mentally clock in and clock out. My why is seeing results from putting in the most effort possible into my career and seeing my clients’ happiness throughout the process,” he says. “As success has come and I've grown, I've always seen myself as the same hard working person I was at the beginning. Nothing has truly changed. My vision of who I am as a person remains the same. I love my career just as much as I did in the beginning, and I still feel like that guy that gets just as excited for every deal and every offer. I still have the utmost passion for what I do.”
Fun Fact
Garrett and his wife, Karen, met within the same week and at the same bar where he met Josh and Justin. “I got hit with the golden wand twice in one week,” Garrett laughs. Garrett and Karen enjoy traveling, skiing, going to the gym, playing pickleball, and hanging with their two dogs.