Andrea Emerson

Andrea Emerson is a real estate agent who has been making waves in the industry. With a motto that is also her email address, "," she has been making sure that her clients know she is available and always there to help. In our interview, she revealed that when she first started in the industry, she was nervous and felt like she didn't know enough to help people make the biggest purchase of their lives. But, she didn't let that stop her. Instead, she spent six months training before she felt she was ready to make her mark.
 Looking to absorb as much information as possible, Andrea was striving to make her clients feel comfortable with the knowledge and information she had available to help them find their perfect home. Her dedication to her clients, and her desire to be the best possible agent, pushed her to learn everything she could before starting her real estate career.
Born and raised in Mission Viejo, California, Andrea's strong work ethic is a direct reflection on the way her parents raised her and her siblings. Her father is her hero and role model. “He never judges me,” she says. “Growing up in his presence has definitely made me the person I am today.” While raising five kids and working full time, Andrea’s dad still took time to coach her in softball and remains her number one mentor and role model. At age 79, Andrea is still looking to her father for guidance and he’s always willing to help. Growing up being overly complimented by her mom, Andrea was instilled with the confidence she needed to be so successful in her career and adult life.
Just like her parents were there for her, Andrea dedicates a lot of her time to her family as well, reflecting that same mentality her parents had. “My boys are my world,” she says about her two sons Alden and Orren. Alden, who Andrea often refers to as “Gorgeous”, is a great storyteller and jokester, is strong willed, loves riding dirt bikes, welding, and playing video games. Andrea says, despite being a 18 year-old, he’s surprisingly fond of family time. Orren, the “Beautiful” to Alden’s “Gorgeous” is a bit more of a sensitive soul. He’s very kindhearted while still being competitive in nature and is also very athletic. He’s playing high school football, enjoys boxing and skateboarding, and loves sushi. “They are just the most amazing boys,” Andrea admits. “I raised them to be kind.”
When they’re all at home, Alden, Orren, Andrea and her man Joel, love playing with their two Pocket Bullies -Nala and Gabriel. Friends of Andrea’s admit that her whole world revolves around her boys and being the best mom she can to them. She’s hardworking, motivated, driven, and also strong willed. “I don't sit around waiting for tomorrow.  I am definitely a go-getter! I love working, keeping busy, and making things happen!"
Which is a prime example of her obsession with the gym. She works out six days a week, for two to three hours a day. She is passionate about weightlifting and eats extremely clean. "And when she has the time, she enjoys hiking, admitting that being out in nature with no distractions is where she finds the most peace."
Andrea's Bachelor's degree in Communications with an emphasis on photography from Cal State Fullerton has helped her in her career tremendously. She also took counseling and social services classes, which helped her become a better listener. She understands that going through escrow with clients is an emotional rollercoaster, and it requires someone who genuinely cares.
Her previous career also bolstered her abilities and technique in communication and client services while she was traveling the world. “Right before getting my license, and even when I first got my license, I used to travel around the US selling hair tools. I'd get comped 5-star hotels and plane tickets,” Andrea explains. “I loved traveling but needed to be home more often.”
When asked about what she finds most fulfilling about her work, Andrea said, "I'm changing people's lives for the better. I feel when I sell them a home, it's not just a house… I'm selling them a lifestyle, their future, their retirement, the place they're going to make their most memories. I absolutely love that. I don't see it as just a transaction."
Andrea also loves educating first-time homebuyers. "I really don't see it as work. I absolutely love what I do, and I thank God to have this as my job," she says. She knows that it's scary to put your trust in someone, but she loves holding their hand through the whole thing. She has faced hardships in her career, like feeling nervous in the beginning, but she overcame it by continuing to educate herself along the way and she strives to do the same for her clients in order to ease their minds.
A more recent focus for Andrea has been connecting more with clients, both past and present. Not through use of texting, social media, or generic emails…actually picking up the phone and having a conversation with them. She doesn’t even have a social media account! And admits it’s just not her style. Because of that, she draws in a different type of clientele, and she gets a lot more referrals that way. “It’s a lot more work, but it’s my style and I like it,” she says. The whole mindset and perspective she has towards keeping in touch with her clients came from the agent she bought her house from years ago. “I loved our phone calls and communicating with her, that personalization really goes a long way.”
Being available for the client, establishing their trust, and being honest with them is at the forefront of Andrea’s commitment to her sphere. “You need people to trust you,” she says. She also advises fellow agents to get a good team around them, to support and propel your reach in the industry. “You can't do it on your own! And don't be afraid to admit that you don't know everything…none of us do.”