John Moel

Critical Thinking Is Key

After high school, John Moel entered the Military (Army Reserve) and completed an eight year contract with an Honorable Discharge.  He also attended Spalding University while playing baseball for them.  John launched his professional career in 2006, and for over 17 years, he has been honing his skills and making quality relationships.  For him, success is simple (not easy but quite attainable): have successful closings, make sure everyone has reached their goals and financial needs, and take one more step as a healthy company.

John is passionate about his company, Broker House Lending, and he has confidence that many satisfied customers are pleased as well.  John notes that he focuses on his and his team’s expertise.  Loans are often hard to close, and those seem to be his favorite, for he is great at finding a way.  The key for him is to attract critical thinkers, and problem solvers are very successful in his work.

People also love the fact that Moel’s business in locally owned and accessible with a fine personal touch.  As a broker, he can promote programs that operate on a wholesale basis.  “We are very attentive to each customer, and we are known for our timely response to emails, texts, calls etc.,” he notes.  Though his process is consistent with others in the business, he sets himself apart by going the extra mile and making the experience for the customer smooth and enjoyable.

In 2017, John added a new location to the mix, and in recent years he is very proud of his growth but also of the fact that his business has become very diverse – with team members who are Spanish speaking and one from East Africa.  These features and a continual focus on improving all processes have been game-changers for John.  With considerable experience and incredible knowledge, clients can feel secure that John and his team will do whatever it takes and whatever is in their best interest.

John understands the difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law.  He is most pleased when customers understand the terms and the results, and he is thrilled when people can obtain their dreams and best of all – can afford it.  One of the things he teaches all clients is how to keep their credit score in a healthy status. He wants clients to give a priority to a good job history and to keeping a consistent monthly income.  First-time buyers are fun, but he works on educating customers throughout.

Moel tries to set the appropriate benchmarks for his team to achieve.  He teaches them to be responsive and likeable and to continuously work to be more knowledgeable.  Above all, he wants them to enhance their critical thinking skills.  His seven loan officers and two processors are diligent and attentive to details.  A strategic business philosophy has also helped.  As the economy has shifted from plenty to more difficult, he has remained lean and healthy.  He watches his work and designs it for the long haul.

John’s parents divorced when he was very young, but he notes that his early experiences forged a well-roundedness in him.  He learned quickly to deal with a lot of different types of people and cultures, and he gives huge kudos to the army for teaching him discipline and character. “Were it not for these things, I would never have been able to be self-employed.

John is married to Alison, and they have four children: Elaina (11), Alexandra (9), Lacey (7), and Marcus (4).  The family lives on a 12-acre farm - with 18 chickens and 3 horses.  He says that the family farm teaches his family a lot about responsibility and gives them a lot of opportunity to do fun things.  He enjoys watching and playing sports and especially following his children in their athletic endeavors.  He owns a home in Florida, and they try to vacation there two times a year.  He is focused, intentional, and high-energy. If he was forced to find a different job where he was promised success, he would be a baseball player for sure.