Angie Tonini-Rogers

Loving & Serving Well

     Angie Tonini-Rogers lives by the mantra that how you do everything is how you do anything. Each day, she gets up, dresses up, and shows up to her agency expecting great things – and great things are happening!
     Angie attended the University of Dayton for a couple years and then studied Psychology at the University of Louisville.  She launched her professional career in the health care of adolescents, and then later earned a second Bachelor’s degree from Spalding University in Nursing in which she applied to neonatal care.  She leveraged her knowledge and skills in psychology and the health industry at various companies and even earned a Master’s Degree from Walden University in Nursing Management and Leadership.
     Trying to reach the pinnacle of education in her field, Angie worked on a Doctoral Degree at Northern Kentucky University.  Many would say that she could have had most any job in her field if she wanted, but things were going to abruptly change.  In November of 2020, Angie walked away from the field of Nursing.  Several events including a significant time with COVID-19 caused her to pause, reflect, and consider her life.  She wanted to devote more time and energy to family and not make her career her focus.  “Integrity, the changing industry, and my family needs drove me to change,” she notes.
    While in her transition period, Angie decided to earn money by finding a job in her old realm until she could find her new career.  She flooded the area with her resume, had three interviews, and no offers.  “At this point, I knew God was closing the doors to make sure I had left my past,” she says.  In September of 2021, she pivoted to her career in real estate (license in October 2021), and the rest is an accelerated history.
    Angie had always secretly possessed an interest in real estate investment.  When she was just 16, she read the book Rich Dad; Poor Dad, and she even took multiple coaching courses with time-tested names to learn more about investing in properties.  The change was very noticeable, as she realized that she alone was the one to provide the motivation.  Her nursing team had always helped with her former job, but now the pressure was on her to perform. She learned quickly that results do not come speedily, but she came to the office, listened to podcasts, watched programs on YouTube, and created and memorized scripts to use in conversations.
    Angie loves meeting and working with new people, and she has been able to expand her group of friends.  She started a podcast for women who are trying to balance career and life too but jumped in with both feet.  She enjoys building relationships, but her passion is to love on people and serve them well.  She does appreciate the problem-solving opportunities and the competition, but she always designs things to create a win-win situation.  First-time buyers are special, as she likes to educate them on all-things-real-estate, and she knows that she is helping them create generational wealth.
    When Angie started this real estate journey, she set the goal of creating / matching her lost salary, but that has morphed into an inner desire and focus upon serving people with love.  She wants to leave people better than she found them, and that for her, is success.
    Angie is married to DeWayne who is a driver for TARC.  They have three children: Clayton (21), who is in college, Elijah (17), who is a Senior in high school, and Bryson (almost 14), who is in Eighth grade.  They enjoy serving at their church, Kingdom Center Church, and they also play basketball in leagues, and the two oldest boys have jobs.  Angie likes to travel and enjoys beaches.  She would love to visit Hawaii, Africa, and Alaska someday.  
    Angie notes that the best agents are loving, kind, and self-motivated.  They work on efficient and timely communication, treat people well, and serve others by creating the best win-win scenarios. She thinks newer agents should find people to shadow and interview many cultures of agencies – choosing the one that best fits the agent’s brand.  She is caring, hard-working and giving, and she always tells people that if they want to do something – “go for it!”  People might say “no,” but you must try and have the obedience to finish your plan.  “Your journey may not be that of others; stick to yours,” she advises. It is good advice!