Morgan Diebold & Elizabeth Boland

Go Sell Something!

Morgan Diebold

     Through three decades of professional experience, real estate has been a way of life for Elizabeth Boland.  Working for the very company her grandfather founded over 70 years ago, she now represents the third generation of Skeltons to sell real estate in the Derby City.  A legacy like that is rare to find in an industry with copious new agents drawn to the possibility of large commissions and flexible hours.  But traditional success has found Elizabeth and the Skelton Company through a different definition of success they strive to adhere to with each daily interaction: a satisfied clientele.
     In 1947, Elizabeth’s grandfather founded the group known today as Skelton Company Realtors, making them the second oldest real estate company in Louisville.  As time progressed, his son Mike Skelton (Elizabeth’s father) took the helm. Mike continues today as the broker for a handful of realtors dedicated to helping clients with such an important aspect of one’s life - finding the right home.  Through the decades, this boutique agency has adapted to rapidly changing markets and modes of communication to not only survive but thrive in an environment with endless competition.  Much of that success can be traced back to a focus on client satisfaction.  But don’t think that means this agency lacks the traditional “hustle” needed to reach the top and remain there for a long time.  You often hear someone say, “go sell something!” which is how Elizabeth’s dad encourages his agents - pretty good advice.  
     Elizabeth has thirty years of experience helping her clients find the perfect home. She grew up around the business and real estate has always been the “normal” track for her in life. Starting out young, she obtained her license while attending the University of Georgia in Athens.  A consistent focus on the golden rule throughout her career has helped to maintain a network of relationships, that only continues to grow larger.  This network eventually led to a chance meeting at an open house in 2016 where Elizabeth met Morgan Diebold, a young realtor not far removed from just being licensed.  Sharing the same values, Morgan was instantly drawn to Elizabeth’s genuine care for people and love for real estate.  As they say, the rest is history, and they now work in tandem as a powerhouse duo, busier than ever in a difficult market.
     Morgan has over seven years of experience in the industry, bringing a strong understanding of how to best utilize the latest technology and social media platforms. She graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Communications.  Like Elizabeth, she too has familial roots in real estate.  Morgan recalls from a young age the numerous rental properties her grandparents owned.  Seeing them put manual labor into maintaining the homes, while also doing right by their tenants, instilled the values that she adheres to today.  
     Real estate is not your typical “9 to 5” job.  If we’re talking in terms of hours, it would more closely resemble something along the lines of “24/7”.  At least this is how Elizabeth and Morgan view things.  They take pride in being “present” in their work and making themselves available at all times for their clients.  While both ladies have their own families with husbands and multiple children, they elegantly juggle the family/work dynamic in a way that’s nothing short of an art form.  Their busy work schedules interweave with practices, dinners, birthday parties… the list goes on.  However, they always have time for their clients, as the testament to their work is in the results.  Referrals continue to drive the majority of their business.
     Elizabeth and Morgan understand what it takes to succeed as a great agent.  Being there for their clients is just one aspect.  They explain that the best agents are creative and can think outside the box to solve problems as they arise.  As new agents are brought on, they encourage them early to focus on their sphere of influence – reach out to those you know with letters and phone calls.  Elizabeth tells them to “be hungry,” and to think in terms of “putting the right people into the right home.”  Morgan emphasizes that maintaining good relationships is key to expanding your network.  None of these things are exactly groundbreaking or revelatory, but finding them put into practice in a field that can be rife with mediocrity is rare.  These two put words into action with such skill that Skelton Company Realtors average sales price is consistently in the top 3 in the Louisville market. 
     Skelton agents cannot overstate the value of the foundation that Elizabeth’s family has established. They will tell you their success stems from the healthy culture which propagates the notion of treating your clients like family.  Going forward, the company will continue to expand their social media efforts to reach more people, while maintaining the close-knit, small agency feel their clients love. They intend to keep the agency smaller, with only a handful of trusted agents, while properly investing in the individuals they have.  And when the markets shift, as they always do, this team will continue to forge ahead as they always do with a rally cry that endures– go sell something!