Lawyer's Title

From One Kind of Service to Another

A military man, Ian took the scenic route into the title business. A native San Diegan, Ian joined the Army, fulfilling his active duty away from home. When his time was up, he wasn’t sure what to do next but knew that whatever it was, it was time to come home.
For years, family members in the real estate business encouraged him to try the business. He finally did, but it wasn’t an easy start. To break into the title business, Ian called every title company in San Diego. It took 40 calls before one was willing to give him a shot in customer service, but he was happy to take the job. Once he built up his experience in customer service, he had the perfect combination of discipline and people skills that he needed.  
When asked what differentiates his business from others, Ian says it’s his technical knowledge. In the beginning, he believed relationships would be the key to success. That’s true, of course. But there was more to it. He wanted to be an expert, knowing the ins and outs of a tough title situation and understanding how it got there and, better yet, how to solve it. That curiosity and thirst for knowledge is what sets him apart nearly 20 years later.
A few years ago, Ian joined forces with Leslie Pierce, an expert in her own right who has been in the title business for 30 years. With a half-century of experience between them, this duo has dealt with nearly every situation possible and together has created a proven and scalable process that works. Paired with their vast knowledge, Ian and Leslie are a huge asset to their clients.
Ian says, “There are business partners and order takers. I am a business partner.”
Ian loves to help new agents grow early on, but it’s just as important to him to help top producing agents change and shift gears when the market changes as it has now. Ian says, “Real estate is one of the hardest jobs you can have. My goal is to quiet the noise.”
On the personal front, Ian is a husband and a father to his 2-year-old son, Arthur. When friends and family are sending kids off to college, Ian is a father brave enough to battle the lines at Disneyland with a stroller in tow. Luckily, he shares parenting duties with his lovely wife, Isabel. Ian understands that parenting is a full-time job as well and has immense respect for parents everywhere, but especially single parents. Like he did early in his business, Ian finds himself reading parenting and sleep training books to gain expertise. Hooray for a good night’s sleep!
When Arthur sleeps, his parents enjoy a mini date night by watching movies. It’s something they hope to share with him soon. Ian also looks forward to enjoying his love of the San Diego Sockers with Arthur. A fan since childhood, Ian is a season ticket holder, and he can’t wait to share his love of soccer with Arthur and his stepdad — three generations of loyal fans! Ian says he’s a regular guy, working to do the best job he can for his clients and his family — nothing fancy. Thank you, Ian, for your service to our country and for your dedication to your clients in the Metro/San Diego region!
“I take a lot of pride in solving the difficult cases.”