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Read The Room

Real Producers July 2023 Top Agent, Kasey Harris, hails from Florida but has made a home for himself in South Baldwin County since the late 2000s. 
Harris began working for his father’s construction company during the backside of the Great Recession circa 2008.
“My dad ended up wanting to regrow his company again after the crash in 2008. He said that if I wanted to learn firsthand training towards running a business, I was welcome to come work for him.” Kasey said. 
“He started off building homes on the waterfront and in golf course communities. After Pelican Plaza was built next to Craft Farms he really started to focus on that community and became the predominant builder in that area.” Kasey said. 
“He saw the writing on the wall in 2006, that there was unsustainable growth before the onset of the last recession. He sold off his properties to other developers and played the waiting game. He was also one of the first ones in our area to start building spec homes during the recovery, and that is when I came back to help around 2009.” he said. 
Kasey’s initial duties started out with handling trim work, installing window sliders and doors, and becoming proficient at managing subcontractors.
“Eventually I started trying to figure out how to branch off and do my own thing. I did not realize how much I liked real estate sales until transitioning into it.” Harris said. 
In 2011 Kasey started out with RE/MAX. In 2012 he moved over to Brett/Robinson where he has remained to this day.
“I decided to transition to Brett/Robinson because I was a new agent that didn’t grow up in the area. Their office offered a strong lead-generating program. After my 3rd year overall in real estate, I made it into the top 5% of realtors in Baldwin County.” Harris said.
Kasey soon developed an affinity for condominium sales and strove to continuously hone his craft. 
“Since Brett/Robinson also has the development company that built the Phoenix Condos I was privy to information before it became common knowledge. This allows me to get my investors in these projects early and for a great price. Those investors would typically be so happy about the return on their investment that they would tell their friends, and this became a great lead generator for me.” Harris said.
“One thing that was also beneficial as a new agent was doing open houses. I would do extensive research before the open house to make sure I knew the best deals and options on the market at that time. If I was at a condo, I would create a cash flow to show anyone who walked in that the unit could be a great investment as well as a 2nd home.” he added.
Later, Kasey partnered with his wife Laura as a very successful husband-and-wife real estate team. 
The couple originally met in 2011 while both worked for RE/MAX. Kasey eventually left while Laura remained. Their paths crossed again a few years after through mutual friends, and they soon married. Their professional union started in 2017.
“We now have been working together for six years, and have two precious boys, 5 and 2 years old. We enjoy traveling and being outdoors any chance we get. I also enjoy playing golf and fishing in my spare time.” Kasey said.
“Laura oversees all the logistics and paperwork while I am out in the field showing properties and negotiating. We work together well. In our highest ranking, many of the groups below us were big teams while it has always been just the two of us.” Harris said. 
Kasey has consistently been a top producer at Brett/Robinson since joining them eleven years ago.
“I think one of my keys to success is that I really love what I do, whether it’s finding a client an amazing deal on an investment property or getting to see a family’s face after helping them find their dream home. I truly enjoy it and a lot of clients end up becoming great friends. I love working with people.” He continued.
Some of Kasey’s best years show impressive results.
In 2019 he sold over $26,000,000 in residential real estate, ranking him in the top ten out of all the agents in Baldwin County.
In 2021 he hit $56,913,300 in residential real estate sales, ranking him 5th out of all the agents and teams in Baldwin County. He was Brett/Robinson’s top-producing agent that year.
In 2022 he sold $25,896,000 in residential real estate, ranking him 33rd out of all agents in Baldwin County, once again Brett/Robinson’s top-producing agent that year.
“When I was first exposed to real estate it was on the home-building side. I think spending several years learning about construction gave me a great foundation for my real estate career.” Harris said. 
“Another factor that contributes to my success is that I enjoy working with some of the harder deals where you really need to get creative and start thinking way outside of the box. That allows me to find a win-win situation for a buyer and seller when it does not look like one exists.” he continued.
When asked about advice to give those with a desire to dive into the business, regardless of age or experience, Harris was helpful. 
“First, save up your funds before starting. Second, become good at whatever area you want to specialize in to be valuable. Finally, try to notice the little things, because sometimes you may have to read the room. If you can figure that out, it will allow you to point your clients in the right direction.”

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