Melinda Nagy

Supporting Their Success

The leaders who make an impact in the lives of others seem to share a very powerful trait … the willingness and ability to lift others closer to their own goals.
That’s a trait that describes Melinda Nagy.
As Associate Broker on the Bob Shallow Team with RE/MAX Paradise, Melinda has a strong drive to support the success of those around her.
“I don’t like to stand in front of people. I have a strength that I have been blessed with. I like standing behind people,” Melinda says.
“I know I can stand behind them to make it happen. They have their own hopes and dreams. I am strong enough to be in the background to support them in their dreams.”
New Land. Realized Opportunities.
Melinda was born in a village in Transylvania and raised in Romania. She has vivid memories of her time in Eastern Europe.
“At the time I was growing up, it was a communist country but I was born to Hungarian nationals and that is where my background is,” Melinda says.
“I was born pretty privileged. But in time we lost everything, and we became very poor from my teenage years on. But one area of emphasis that was always very encouraged and important in my family was education.”
First Steps
As she came of age, Melinda earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology and her MBA in business.
“Early on I knew I wanted to travel and live in a western country,” she says. “That’s what eventually led me to America 17 years ago in 2006.”
Melinda settled in Alabama … for a time, owning her own business in Gulf Shores. Eventually, Melinda became acquainted with Bob Shallow, who encouraged her to join his team. So in 2019, she earned her license.
“That was a big moment for me,” she smiles.
“Bob is a legend and someone who I consider to be among the best of the best. I sold my business and started in real estate. It was under his wings that I was able to grow with his advice and doing business.”
Powered by Purpose
Melinda works with a strong sense of purpose for her clients. There’s more that guides her footsteps, as well.
“I want to represent the Eastern European community … for those children there who, like me, grew up without running water,” Melinda says.
“The only difference is that I dreamt bigger than them and that landed me here.”
Those dreams were fostered at an early age by her parents — Melinda and Erno, as well as her grandmother, Eszter.
“I can remember my father pulling me in front of the mirror. He would tell me that I was special. That kind of belief was very important, knowing that my older family members knew that I could achieve what I set my mind to,” she says with a spark.
“I have that internal voice that says you will not fail because you are special. They weren’t able to give me material things but they gave me something much more valuable.”
Melinda speaks five languages. She speaks in terms that support her clients and their needs. As a result, she continues to build her record of achievement.
Wonderful Life
Family is central to Melinda’s life. She treasures time with her husband, Rodrigo, and their four children — Giulia, Raphael, Francesca and Mila.
In their free time, Melinda and her family enjoy traveling whenever they can.
“We like to experience other cultures and people,” she says. “It’s important to me to teach our children to be very accepting and excited about other people.”
Another one of Melinda’s favorite activities is reading. In fact, she has read hundreds of books. In addition, she has a heart for helping. She supports the efforts of the Gourmet World Market, which is owned by her dear friends who are Ukrainian.
“They conduct fundraisers for the soldiers on the front lines and the people who live there. I find that inspiring,” she says. ”You cannot come to this country and completely forget who you are. We are proud Americans and very grateful for this country but we don’t forget that we are Eastern Europeans. Their fight is our fight, too.”
It’s the same determined spirit she puts to work lifting those around her toward their dreams.
“What I do is driven by their needs. Their lives and the decisions they make toward their goals are things that I take very seriously.”

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