Your Staging Company, More Than Just for Selling a Home

You don’t have to be selling a home to utilize the services of a staging company

Traditionally when agents think of their staging company it’s before the sale, but do you realize what a valuable resource your staging company can be after your clients have closed on their new home?

Your favorite stager can be just as valuable to your buyer clients as they are to your sellers. Here are a few ways your staging company can help your buyers:
Square Peg, Round Hole
You helped them get the perfect home, unfortunately, their furnishings aren’t the right fit. There is both an art and science to placing furniture correctly, so a home is comfortable and flows well. Many times, homeowners try to make that old furniture work in their new home, and it just doesn’t fit like a glove. Here’s your favorite stager to the rescue. We’re experts in furniture placement and regularly think outside the box. That console that always sat in the living room, maybe the perfect piece for the new dining room. We’ve consulted with countless homeowners over the years who never thought their favorite furniture piece would be amazing (and useful) when utilized in a different room.

Stagers are great at utilizing what they have to work with and can work wonders with existing pieces. They can also consult on what furnishings to purchase to complete a space, saving homeowners thousands of dollars in unnecessary furniture purchases.
A Little Styling Goes a Long Way
A home should be filled with cherished items such as photos, souvenirs from vacations, and family mementos. The problem is most people just don’t know how to display them so they can truly appreciate the wonderful memories and milestones in their lives. This is where your stager can really shine. Styling bookshelves, art displays, and placing just the right memory where it will truly be appreciated is what we do best. We can display those items in just the right places that will keep the space from feeling cluttered and really make it feel like home.
Right House, Wrong Color
Did your clients buy a home, but were turned off by the wall color? Selecting the right paint colors is one of the most challenging aspects of turning a house into a home. Paint can be tricky to get just right, and so many people fail miserably without the help of a professional. That gray wall at 8 am looks pea soup green at 8 pm. With variables such as the amount of natural light, color saturation, undertones, and even finish it’s easy to make a huge mistake. Your staging company may just be the expert you are looking for. Many stagers study color and offer paint consultations. For a few hundred dollars, they can save your clients thousands of dollars in color mistakes.
Need New Furniture?
A new home usually means new furniture. That overstuffed sectional and tired pair of chairs were donated and weren’t allowed into the new home. Your clients need new furniture. Your staging company just may be the answer. Often times we sell furniture from our inventory for a great deal. It’s never been lived on, just moved to multiple homes (or showrooms) for display purposes only and may have a ding here or a touch-up there. If perfect, brand-new furniture is not required this is where your clients can score a great bargain. Stagers always want to sell their inventory so they can purchase fresh, new pieces and your clients can save big bucks in the process.

If brand new furniture is high on the priority list, your stager can help with that too. Since we purchase our furnishings directly from the manufacturer, staging companies have access to trade-only furniture lines that you can’t purchase unless you are a furniture retailer. This gives your clients so many more options at different price points than they would otherwise have. Your stager can also consult with the design of the space to help ensure the new homeowners aren’t purchasing furniture with the wrong scale, size, or color for the room.

Solutions to a Temporary Problem
Staging companies can also offer solutions that your typical interior designer can’t. We recently completed a whole home design for a client in Nashville who was building a new home. Even though items were ordered months in advance of their closing date, a few items had not arrived in time for installation day. Since we carry over 10,000 items in our inventory, we were able to loan the client items that were on backorder until the furniture arrived. This allowed them to still host family for the holidays and eat dinner around the dining room table instead of a makeshift card table. 
 As you look for ways to differentiate yourself from other agents and offer valuable resources to your clients, connect them with your favorite stager. We can offer the solutions your buyers are looking for and your clients will appreciate the level of service you were able to provide. They’ll view you as the professional with all the right connections and refer you to anyone they know looking to buy or sell real estate.

Don’t have a favorite staging company? Let’s connect. I’d love to chat with you and become your go-to problem solver for both your sellers and buyers. I can be reached at 615-465-8086 or

Anthea Click is the founder and president of FP Staging and Design, a luxury vacant home staging company in Nashville, TN. As the exclusive stager to many of the top producing agents in the Nashville area, she has also received numerous awards for her work including Fixr Top 200 Home Design Influencers of 2017, 2019, 2021, awarded the Top 10 Luxury Vacant Stager in 2019 and Top 75 Most Influential in the Industry in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 by the Real Estate Staging Association. She teaches the continuing education class, “Staging to Sell: What Every Agent Should Know” and was the 2021 President of the Greater Nashville Real Estate Staging Association. She can be reached at or 615-465-8086.