Don Erik Wolff

Building with Care

While the business of building involves a lot of heavy lifting, hard work and powerful machinery, one element that makes everything work together is care … a dedication to making sure that everything works on time, within budget and in favor of clients.
That’s why it means so much to have a partner who comes alongside you and your clients to build toward their dreams with care.
That’s exactly what you get when you partner with President/CEO Don Erik Wolff and the team at Wolff Construction.
Pride Inside
The pride that Don Erik feels for the work that he and his group carry out is easy to see.
“We are a construction firm that specializes in helping homeowners that are looking for a quality contractor who can help with their remodeling, addition and construction needs,” Don Erik says.
“At Wolff Construction, integrity is something we don’t compromise on. We truly believe that thoughts and actions based on our morals and values are far more important than personal gain. We want to bring value to everyone that we meet, interact with or do business with.”
One of the elements that drives Don Erik in what he does is the moments he has a hand in creating with his partners and clients.
“I love the moment where a client that has been through something either life-changing or just simply wanted a change, looks at you and says, ‘This is PERFECT,’” Don Erik points out.
“That is where you get that full-circle moment of bringing value to everyone that we come in contact or do business with.”
Lifelong Pursuit
Don Erik can trace the start of his interest in construction back to his time growing up.
Don Erik was born on the east coast. Then, when he was just about a year old, he and his mother moved to the Lake Tahoe area. When he was 4, they moved to the Sacramento area, where his mother attended law school at Mc George School of Law.
“As a child, my parents hired a contractor to come into our home to do some remodeling. This is where my fascination began, as that contractor was willing to show me and teach me how to do simple and basic construction items that he was hired to do,” Don Erik says. “Then, as a teen, I started working for a contractor where I continued chasing my passion for construction.”
In his twenties, Don Erik was promoted into a Project Manager position where he learned about the business side of owning a construction firm.
“In my late twenties and early thirties, I started my first two construction companies with a couple business partners,” he says. “Since then, I have branched off on my own and created my dream construction firm, Wolff Construction.”
Purpose and Success
A big part of the satisfaction that Don Erik feels for what he does revolves around his team.
“At Wolff Construction our team is comprised of some of the top tradesmen in the Sacramento area. Jocelyn, my wife, is our Office Manager,” Don Erik says.
“She is usually the first person most clients talk to when they reach out to Wolff Construction. Then you have myself, Don Erik, and I am the person that executes the projects that our clients and designers bring to us.”
Family is at the heart of life for Don Erik and Jocelyn. Together, they treasure time with their three children.
In their free time, they look forward to supporting their children through their school and sports activities. They also have a passion for travel, with Mexico being a common destination for them.
When it comes to giving back, Don Erik and Jocelyn are very involved in the high school football and junior level football programs, including sponsorships, volunteering and fundraising.
“It's such a fun environment to be a part of and we love our football family! If you don't catch us at the football field, you might find us out on the golf course at Catta Verdera Country Club hitting some golf balls or playing 18 holes. We love it there. In fact, that’s where we got married,” Don Erik says.
“I love that we are centrally located. We have the snow about an hour and a half away, we have the "big city" option also about an hour and a half away,” he says. “We have access to so many wonderful places living in the Sacramento area. My wife and I have settled our family in the Rocklin area and the schools are absolutely phenomenal.”
As Don Erik looks to the future, he and the team continue to focus on bringing value to their partners and clients.
“Construction is a hands-on industry, which I love. I also love bringing value to our clients and truly helping them. We get to interact with people every day and no two days are ever alike,” Don Erik says with a smile. “I love a great challenge, and construction often requires you to think outside of the box which is what drives my passion for this industry.”
Wolff Construction
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