Danielle Martin with Simply Chic Staging and Design

Mastering the Art of First Impressions

In real estate, the first impression is often the only impression – as many top producing agents know. For Danielle Martin, owner of Simply Chic Staging and Design, mastering this principle has been the cornerstone of her career. Even before she ventured into the world of staging, she was The Marketing Gal, creating marketing pieces and managing social media accounts for many local agents, including the Pierroz Group.
While Danielle has nearly 15 years in creative marketing and design, her love for staging goes back to childhood. "When I was younger, I constantly moved my furniture around and painted my room different colors every other year. As an adult, I found myself doing the same. I definitely had a passion for design," she recalled.
Danielle's entrepreneurial spirit dates back to childhood as well. Not wanting to be left out of her older sisters' lemonade stand business, she set up a popcorn stand across the street. This kind of resilience, creative problem-solving, and tenacity has been a boon to all her endeavors throughout the years – but especially when she decided to start Simply Chic Staging and Design in 2020, right before the pandemic really took hold.
With all non-essential stores closed, and Amazon backed up, sourcing furniture was a challenge. However, Danielle managed to build her inventory by buying furniture through the Facebook marketplace. “It actually worked out well because people were stuck at home and getting rid of things,” explained Danielle. “As things started opening and we continued to grow, it became easier to purchase things. Now we have this huge inventory with a lot of luxury items. In fact, we recently staged a $5 million home.”
While Danielle’s business has been growing rapidly, she started out doing one home at a time, so she could roll over her profits into the next. With all her connections as the Marketing Gal, however, finding work has never been much of a problem.
To many real estate agents, Danielle is more than just a home stager – she's a strategic partner and friend. Her experience in the real estate industry has given her a deep understanding of agents' needs, and her staging business is designed to address these needs effectively. Furthermore, Danielle's robust marketing background enables her to present each staged home in its best light, helping agents market their listings more effectively.  
"We pride ourselves on customer service. We stay involved in every step of the process and maintain good relationships with the agents we work with. We even go the extra mile and ensure that everything looks perfect, right down to sweeping the front porch. My husband, Joseph, has even power washed backyards and driveways for clients”
Danielle's husband, Joseph, joined the company in 2021 as the CFO. A longtime entrepreneur as well, Joseph was happy to lend his business acumen to help grow and scale the business. The two make for a dynamic couple and winning team, having grown their business to a total of seven employees. Of course, Joseph is quick to give Danielle most of the credit for their success.
"If it wasn't for her design work and her marketing ability, we wouldn't be where we are today,” he said. “We did close to 500 staging jobs in our first three years in business, and we’re still growing.”
Danielle's staging approach is unique because she tailors each design to the style of the house and its potential buyers. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation. "We don't just stage homes in the same way,” she said. “Each home has a different style and demographic. We stage it in a way that's appropriate to the design and potential buyer."
While Danielle and Joseph foresee tremendous potential for growth – expanding to Tahoe, the Bay Area, and even Scottsdale, AZ – they are committed to growing organically, making improvements along the way while maintaining strong relationships with their clients and REALTOR® partners.
When Danielle and Joseph aren't immersed in staging homes or managing their business, they have a shared passion that brings them joy: cooking. Both derive great pleasure from preparing delectable dishes and sharing them with their loved ones. Danielle, with a deep-rooted love for cooking influenced by her father's Mexican restaurant and tequila bar growing up, has even kept a cooking blog named "Diaries of a Messy Kitchen". A creative and intuitive cook who doesn't shy away from experimenting with flavors and ingredients, Danielle has been known to leave her kitchen a bit of a mess.
Joseph is also a versatile chef and equally comfortable preparing a feast for a special occasion or whipping up a casual weeknight dinner. Their mutual passion for culinary art has transformed their kitchen into a heartwarming hub of delicious meals, family gatherings, and shared joy.
Away from the kitchen, Danielle and Joseph cherish their downtime in the great outdoors. Danielle maintains a large vegetable garden, while Joseph enjoys fishing and golfing. Yet, at the heart of it all, they value spending time with their family, including their three children and grandson, and hosting gatherings that are always remembered for good food, laughter, and love.
This balance of work and personal life, coupled with their shared interests and values, have undeniably contributed to Danielle and Joseph's success in their staging business. They are indeed a team, in the kitchen, in their business, and in life.
To contact the Simply Chic Staging and Design team, visit their Facebook page @simplychicstaginganddesign or give Danielle & Joseph a call at 916-747-7845. They would love to talk to you.