Matthew Resnick

As an expert and market leader, Matthew Resnick specializes in luxury real estate throughout San Antonio and surrounding areas. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Matthew’s real estate skills extend from buying and selling residential homes to finding the ideal lot to build the perfect custom home, while also working with Hill Country and weekend getaway properties. Elite professional networks, San Antonio Business Journal and Platinum Top 50, recognize Matthew year after year as a top REALTOR®.

Matthew values his client’s relationships and provides “Exceptional Service with Results!” Perhaps more important than his business background and real estate knowledge, Matthew has a deep affection for San Antonio. As a father and a husband, Matthew understands that buying and selling a home is about more than just numbers and negotiation. It is about family and community.

RP: Why Real Estate?

Matthew Resnick: There is no glass ceiling in the Real Estate industry. The opportunities for growth are expansive. I love that the market is ever-changing requiring you to constantly be adaptive and to be challenged. Also, there are no two deals alike, every day is something new; and for someone who thrives on multitasking, this energizes me. As a REALTOR® we have the opportunity to be involved in so many aspects of this industry, whether working with sellers and buyers, the creative side of marketing, forecasting market trends, negotiating, and finance. There is a variety of opportunities allowing for very few dull days.

RP: What is your favorite part of being a REALTOR®?  

Matthew Resnick: My favorite part of this business is forging strong connections with my clients. I love helping people and being a REALTOR® allows me to help people every day achieve their goals. Hearing each client’s story, earning their trust, and having the opportunity to play a meaningful role in their lives, is rewarding to me. I place my client’s needs in the forefront of my own. I truly care about my clients, and I carefully listen to understand their needs. I focus all my energy on obtaining the best outcome for them. They are not just a transaction, they are treated as family, and I make it my responsibility to be there throughout the entire process, start to finish.

RP: What sets you apart from others in the Real Estate industry?

Matthew Resnick: It is important for me to continually educate myself so that I am able to share and bring the most extensive knowledge of the real estate market to my client. By taking time to listen, I offer both buyers and sellers the level of personal attention they deserve. I work to offer my clients a professional partnership, making myself available to their questions and concerns, providing to them honest and informed answers, and offering effective solutions to their concerns while keeping their best interests first no matter what challenges may arise. There are many facets of a real estate deal, however, there are two that I view as being very significant. There is the transaction side, which encompasses the many details and legal aspects in getting a deal done. The second is the emotional aspect, which in some light, always comes into play.  Both aspects are equally important and need attention throughout the process. I always strive to address each, and keep them separate, as much as possible, so that there is harmony in the end.

RP: What are your biggest challenges in the Real Estate business?

Matthew Resnick: My largest challenge is that there just are not enough hours in a day. Some people may have the impression that this business is one you can turn on and off. However, I feel that when I have committed myself to my clients, it is important that I am available to them when they reach out.

RP: What are the greatest rewards in the Real Estate business?

Matthew Resnick: For me, the greatest reward in this business is being able to wake up each day and do something that I truly love. I love working with people. As much as this industry focuses on the art of the transaction and negotiations, I feel it is equally important to capture my client’s personal needs and place them in high regard. I strive for honesty, fairness, and with the strength of my faith, to always do what is right. Not only have I assisted many clients with their real estate needs over the years, but I have also developed some wonderful friendships, which has been a very rewarding experience for me, and that, I am truly grateful for.