40 Under 40: Recognizing Young Achievers

Keller Williams Hometown Realty
Age: 34  | Years in RE: 5 | 2022 Sales: $7,787,948

Mathew G. Sickler, founder of the Pride & Property team powered by Keller Williams Luxury, has been in the real estate business for five years. Mathew's success in the industry is undeniable. But what sets him apart from others?

Mathew grew up as the son of a real estate investor family, and he was introduced to the industry at an early age. He pursued a career in corporate America as a director of operations for a bulk transport company before discovering his passion for real estate. The biggest challenge he has overcome was disconnecting from corporate America to become a single agent and eventually creating a team of multiple agents.

For Mathew, success means when someone calls him for help because they don't trust anyone else. He is genuine and listens to his clients — not just looking for a commission check. His favorite tools include reliance on his daily calendar and a compliance database that he created to make real estate easier for himself and his clients.

Mathew’s favorite part of being a real estate agent is helping someone do something they never thought would be imaginable, such as selling a home to advance them to something bigger and better or helping someone buy a home for the first time who never thought they could. Mathew's aspirations include expanding his team further to Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale, and he is already working towards obtaining his Florida broker’s license.


Keller Williams Washington Township
Age: 36 | Years in RE: 4 | 2022 Sales: $11,200,000

Parisha's journey to success as a real estate agent is a testament to her relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth. Before embarking on her real estate career, she honed her skills as a radiology tech, gaining valuable experience in the medical field. However, her passion for television and producing beckoned her, and she ventured into the world of entertainment, achieving remarkable milestones by appearing on renowned networks such as the Food Network and Cooking Channel. Despite her accomplishments in the entertainment industry, Parisha felt a calling for a new direction. She made a bold decision to transition into real estate, drawn to the limitless potential and the opportunity to positively impact people's lives.

Parisha's infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment set her apart from other agents. She understands that success comes from being in control of her own destiny and consistently investing in her knowledge and skills, always ready to embrace new challenges and adapt to the ever-changing real estate landscape.

For Parisha, success is not merely measured by financial achievements, but by the peace she finds in pursuing her dreams. The turning point in her business came when she stopped comparing herself to others and started focusing on her own path. She discovered that running her business from the inside out allowed her to tap into her unique strengths and deliver exceptional results.

Looking ahead, Parisha aspires to grow a network of micro teams across the country while fulfilling her passion for travel and coaching. She finds fulfillment in mentoring others and derives great satisfaction from the knowledge that her success is the product of her own efforts and dedication to continuous growth.