Hawking Integrity While Aiming to Please

The Maimone family (from left to right: Sara, Giulia, Daniel, Charles Jr., Elise, Leonello, Andrea, Charles Sr.)

With a passion for business and entrepreneurship instilled in him from his family's farm and roadside hawking business, Charles Maimone started buying real estate right after finishing high school in 1972. One day, while pumping fuel at a gas station, young Charles struck up a conversation with Paul Reilly. The pair discussed Charles's interest in buying property, and Paul was so impressed by the youth's ambition and outgoing personality, he suggested the boy come to his real estate office for a visit.
“Paul told me I would be a great REALTORⓇ and said he would guide me to getting my real estate license and teach me the business,” Charles recalls with a smile. “He was a very intelligent and aggressive businessperson. Nine years later, I purchased the business from Paul — my entire background was based on his hard work and dedication to the customer.”
“I was just pumping gas trying to figure out how I was going to make a living, and I remember that day when Paul asked me to come to his office because I had just bought a property in Winslow Township near my grandparents,” Charles continues. “I knew I would get married someday and would want a house near my family… And since I was born into a family of hawkers with roadside stands, business was in my blood. It’s true what they say, you can paint stripes on a horse but you can’t make it a zebra; I wanted to make money and I had it in me.”
Located in Berlin, New Jersey, Century 21 Reilly Realtors currently has 20 agents, and Charles notes that he is always recruiting and refueling the company pipeline with the right people.
"It’s rare in this business, but I’ve had agents with me for 25 to 40 years; I maintain a group of people that have allegiance to me and the company,” Charles notes with a touch of pride. “Our company culture is about sincerity and honesty, that is the most important thing. Obviously, I look for good character and being aggressive too. I mean, let’s face it, it’s a sales job, and they have to be motivated to make money. I’m also very hands-on … agents can walk into my office any time. And our company has the best support system. That’s another reason we have agents with such longevity.”
Five Decades of Success 
In 2022, Charles closed over $10 million in sales and sold over 100 units. He has racked up plenty of accolades since he was licensed in 1980, including a Centurion Award, a Masters Award, and many years of the Circle of Excellence Award.
Regardless of revenue and a lifetime of awards, though, Charles notes that it’s his unparalleled dedication to his clients that keeps him motivated, and he will go to any lengths to make them happy.
"I am most fulfilled when I can help my clients fulfill their dreams, and I now do business with the second and third generations of my original clients, who know my loyalty to them is unwavering," Charles beams. “That’s my definition of a successful career — repeat clients and constant referrals are my life. Be fair and honest to everyone and it will always come back to you. And work hard. It’s the best thing for you.”
A True Family Man 
Charles has been married to the love of his life, Andrea, for 51 years. The couple has two sons, Charles Jr. (49) and Daniel (46), as well as two grandchildren, and enjoy spending much of their downtime with family at their beach home in Ocean City, New Jersey.
"It was like a bungee cord; I just jumped," Charles says, recalling his wedding day with a smile. "I got married and got into my real estate career around the same time… I actually met my wife at a roadside car hop burger joint called Chicken Burger. She was a good-lookin’ girl delivering my window tray of food."
In addition to spending time with family, Charles is actively involved in his community, supporting charities like the Knights of Columbus, the Atco Lions Club, and his church, advising for 20 years to the Assumption Parish and on the real estate review board for the Diocese of Camden.
No Resting on His Laurels 
Looking towards the future, retirement is not in Charles’ vocabulary. He says he aims to keep on keeping on as long as he can be of assistance to his clients and is physically able to do so.
"My goal is just to stay healthy to continue to serve and satisfy my clients forever," Charles concludes. "I have no plans to retire; I love the art of the deal. And I also want to continue to spend as much time with my family as possible."