40 Under 40: Recognizing Young Achievers

Keller Williams
Age: 33 | Years in RE: 2 | 2022 Sales: $2,500,000

Garnett Briscoe always knew he wanted to make a difference in his community. After spending years in standup comedy and radio, he decided to take the leap and become a real estate agent. He wanted to help others achieve their goals and build strong relationships in the process.

Garnett's favorite part of being a real estate agent is building quality relationships, meeting new people, and being himself. He prides himself on being different from other agents by incorporating his personal experiences, including his comedy background, into his work. Garnett says one of the most significant challenges he has faced in the past was losing his mother at an early age. This forced him to teach himself all of life's necessities, and he learned to rely on his own strength and perseverance.

To Garnett, success means inspiring someone to become better or go after their dreams and goals. Social media marketing has been the biggest game changer for him in his business, and he plans to continue using it to reach new clients.

Garnett has big future plans, including starting his own real estate team and creating a nonprofit to give back to his community. He also wants to challenge himself by learning a new language. Garnett supports various organizations that focus on helping children overcome their circumstances by donating and sponsoring events.


Keller Williams Hometown
Age: 37 | Years in RE: 6 | 2022 Sales: $7,700,000

Marques Brooks came into the real estate industry with a strong background in sales, having worked for Verizon before switching to public service, where he assisted people in need. He ultimately left his government job to be his own boss while continuing to serve others.

Marques’ favorite parts of being a real estate agent include making phone calls to let clients know their offer was accepted, handing clients the keys to their first home, and delivering a check to a seller who never thought they would sell for as much as they did. Marques is different from other agents because over 90% of his business is referral-based. He has built relationships with clients that go beyond the settlement table and considers them extended family.

Marques has had to overcome racial biases in his line of work, but he doesn’t let it define him, and he says his biggest goal is expansion. He holds real estate licenses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, and wants to add Florida to the list, with the goal of establishing an expansion team in the Sunshine State. Personally, he would like to establish a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio to pass on to his children and grandchildren.

To Marques, success means the ability to enjoy time freely without worry while being fully present for his children and having uninterrupted time with his spouse. Knowing that his children are well taken care of and being able to provide for them and his family’s future while being of service to others is what drives him.