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Each day you go about your business in a way that allows others to achieve their goals. 

Along the way, you give your all to ensure that they have a rewarding experience. That’s why it means so much to partner with someone who brings that same approach to their work with you and your clients.

That’s exactly what you get when you team up with Owner Tamra Whittaker and Homestead Media.

“The way I approach what I do is definitely as a people pleaser,” Tamra says. “I want my partners and clients to be happy. In the process, I’m always learning and trying new techniques.”

Lifelong Interest
Tamra has long pursued her strong interest in photography. She remembers how it really took root for her as a child.

“Both of my grandmothers always took a lot of pictures and took pictures at church. That started my love for photography,” she remembers with a smile. 

“Both of my grandmothers have since passed. In 2021, my last grandmother passed. She had given me my first camera. I really wanted to start focusing on photography. It had been my hobby all along the way.”

Taking the Next Step
Through time, Tamra found the perfect opportunity to turn her hobby into her professional path.

“I have a friend of mine who is a REALTOR® who asked if I would do pictures of a listing for her. I did and she put me in touch with Justin, who originally owned Homestead Media,” Tamra remembers. “ He was looking for a photographer at the time to join his team. I joined and fell in love with real estate photography.”

Tamra appreciated the mentorship that she received from Justin. In time, he approached her with a new idea.

“He asked me if I would be interested in purchasing his business, which I happily accepted,” she remembers. 

“My boyfriend, Matt, has encouraged every step of my photography journey. With his support and the support of my family, I dove into photography full time and haven’t looked back!”

Tamra officially took over Homestead Media in July 2022. Since then her love for what she does has continued to flourish.

“I love houses and seeing the different floor plans,” she smiles. “In a different lifetime, I may have chosen to be an architect. It excites me every day to be able to take photos of these beautiful places.”

Spectrum of Offerings
Those who work with Tamra enjoy a full range of value-packed services, including videography, drone work, Matterport imagery and general photography.

Along the way, Tamra prides herself on creating a simple process for her partners and clients.

“I really try to make it quick and easy. It’s all done online. People I work with can create a login on the website and schedule the day and time that works best for them,” she says. 

“After the shoot, they get their pictures within 24 hours … along with video and drone footage also. Payments are done online also. It’s a very simple setup. I try to make it as seamless as possible for them.”

Fulfilling Life
Tamra’s world is made much richer by family. She treasures time with her boyfriend, Matt Sloan, and children — Abby, Jayla, Logan, Bentlee, Heath and Alianna.

In her free time, she enjoys supporting her children in their school activities and sports.

As she says, “If I’m not taking pictures, I’m sitting at a ball field somewhere.”

She and Matt also have started renovating houses. They enjoy that process, and they also have a couple of flea market booths that they run on the side, as well.

When you need a partner on your side whose satisfaction is based on yours, look to Tamra with a camera and Homestead Media.

Homestead Media

Cell: 417-365-8060