Mary Jo Williams

Murney Associates

When you see someone who enjoys what they do in life, it clearly shows. They invest themselves 
in the needs and goals of others.

That’s an area where Mary  Jo Williams excels.

As a REALTOR® with Murney Associates Realtors, Mary Jo definitely works with a passion for 
the profession.

“I love the people. I think that’s where a big part of my passion for real estate comes from,” 
Mary Jo says. 

“I’ve always been a people person- the relationships I’ve built are why I love this so much. 
Networking is a big favorite for me, whether it’s an appointment for lunch or coffee, I want to 
learn how I can collaborate with others in this industry to do a better job. The various lifestyles 
of people I meet are what make our world go around, and it makes life so intriguing to me.”

Turning an Ongoing Interest Into a Career
Mary Jo’s real estate career roots can be traced back to when she attended school for interior 

“My dad is a local Real Estate Broker. Before getting my real estate license, I helped him with 
the technology side of things and also did some listing photography for him. I always knew I 
wanted to eventually get my real estate license, I just wasn’t sure what that looked like.”

“I’ve always loved the architectural and interior design elements of homes,” she explains. “As 
part of that, I’ve done staging and decorating for projects and events as a way to fulfill that 

Mary Jo grew up in the gymnastics world. In fact, she competed throughout most of her life. She 
also went on to coach for many years and later purchased the family gym, Ozark Mountain 

Persevering and Growing
As Mary Jo started her family, there were some health hurdles to clear.

“My oldest son needed a lot of medical attention and extra support when he was young. God 
rerouted me to stay home with my kids for a few years as we navigated that season in life. 
During that time, we traveled a lot for appointments and in-home therapies were a full time job 
in itself,” she says. 

“When he went to kindergarten and started receiving support within the school system, I knew I 
wanted to try something new.”

Through time, Mary Jo has taken advantage of the real estate market by flipping and renovating 
houses and purchasing rentals. At first, she thought she would get her real estate license to 
facilitate her investments. 

“As I got started in this new career in June of 2017, I instantly loved it. While it started out with 
the idea of me doing it part-time, it definitely became full-time pretty quickly,” she smiles. 

“Plus, I really appreciate the fact that real estate provides flexibility, which is very important for 
me and my role as an active Mom.”

Rewarding Life
Family is definitely at the heart of life for Mary Jo. She treasures time with her children — 
Paxton, Kanon and Sutton and her stepdaughters Madi and Kenzie.

In her free time, Mary Jo has a love for reading, horseback riding, hot yoga and event planning. 
She also likes to give back to the industry that has provided her with much success.

She serves on the Ambassador Committee for the local Board of REALTORS®, as well as the 
Advisory Council for the Leadership Committee and the GSBOR Awards and Events Committee. 

“I love an excuse to celebrate just about anything and being a part of the planning process for 
special events and fundraising efforts in the community is a great reason for me to be involved.”

Mary Jo also completed the local Leadership Academy trek in 2020 and is passionate about 
mentoring newer agents in this ever-changing market.

“From that, I have had the opportunity to get involved with a lot of leadership work, which I 
really enjoy,” she says. 

Leading by Example
When you talk with Mary Jo, it’s easy to see the empathy that she brings to her role in the 

“With what we do, we are helping people through a big step in their lives that can happen for a 
wide range of reasons. Whether there is a death, divorce, marriage, new baby or another life 
milestone, I always want to be there to make a situation easier and more fun,” she emphasizes. 

“I want them to enjoy the process, because it can be very stressful.”

As a natural-born leader, Mary Jo channels her energies into helping the people around her move 
closer to the visions of life that they want. 

In the process of doing that, it’s clear to all who meet her that she has a real passion for the