Stacey LaCroix

The Heart of a Teacher

“The biggest thing I want people to know about me is that I love to coach and teach.”
Before becoming a full-time real estate agent, Stacey LaCroix spent twenty years as a fourth and fifth-grade teacher in Waterloo. Stacey loved her time in education, and she was particularly fulfilled by the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of so many impressionable young people. 

After purchasing her second home, Stacey became intrigued by the real estate buying and selling process. So, she got her license in 2003, and for the next decade-plus, she worked in real estate part-time — during evenings, weekends, and summer vacations — while continuing to thrive in education.

By 2016, however, things had shifted in education. Stacey became dismayed with the focus on test scores over the creative development of individual students.

“I didn't lose my passion for education; I left because of my passion,” Stacey insists. 

In Greek, there are two words for time: chronos and kairos. While chronos refers to chronological, sequential time, kairos is the qualitative measure of time, considering the quality of a moment rather than how many seconds, minutes, or hours pass. Kairos is the time of opportunity, and Stacey sensed that it was time to make a transition. After twenty years, she left her career in teaching behind to become a full-time REALTOR®.

“I loved teaching, but it was just time to move on.”

A Teacher at Heart
Fast forward seven years, and Stacey is thriving as a full-time REALTOR®. She continues to leverage her experience in education to drive her business and serve her clients.

“There is so much carryover from teaching to real estate,” Stacey says. “[I became practiced at] dealing with all different personalities, patience, educating and explaining the process. We’re more than real estate agents. We are counselors and financial advisors, working with big emotions and big transitions in life, so I pride myself on having patience and being thorough in answering questions as I guide people through the home buying and selling process.”

Stacey founded her team, The LaCroix Group at Strano & Associates Real Estate, in 2021. Now a group of eight agents, they closed 132 units for $24 million in 2022. The team is tracking to nearly double their business in 2023.

Stacey’s role as a team leader has also allowed her to return to the position she loves as a coach and teacher. She values personal development and seeks to help her agents achieve more than just a successful business but a successful life.

“I’m just as proud of how my teammates have grown personally as they've grown professionally. That’s what's most rewarding,” she says.

Stacey and The LaCroix Group are committed to giving back to the community by supporting local sports teams, collecting backpacks for local schools, collecting food for kids, and donating to StranoStands. They support the American Heart Association and sponsor ten to fifteen students at Dupo High for Christmas each year.

Leaving a Legacy
Stacey is now looking forward to her next horizon — selling real estate in Florida. She was recently licensed in the Sunshine State and plans to build a future team in the Tampa area, where she often vacations to visit family. 

Although building her business is a priority, Stacey’s greatest fulfillment comes from the same place it did when she was an elementary school teacher — the ability to better the lives of others.

“My goal is to always leave things better, to make an impact. I really want to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Beyond Real Estate
Stacey was recently engaged to her fiance, Ron, who owns KMAC Roofing. The couple enjoys traveling, watching Cardinals baseball games, and they are building their first home together. They also embarked upon a restaurant venture together where they can share their love for building businesses and entrepreneurship. Stacey and Ron recently bought the restaurant Koibito Poke in Des Peres and will soon open a second location.