Jose Cardenas Loves to Explore the World!

Relax. Rejuvenate. Reset.

Seville, Spain

Life is too short not to travel and many places to visit.

Growing up in central Mexico, surrounded by the Toltec culture, Jose Cardenas lived in Utah and Texas. He moved permanently to America to pursue the American Dream. As a resident of Florida for the past 13 years, he settled in Tampa in the community of Avila. “Here am I living my dream,” this REALTOR® at Premier Sotheby's International Realty comments.
He works tirelessly for his clients, catering to their needs and delivering exceptional service. When he wants to relax and unwind, Jose enjoys traveling, which helps him to broaden his perspective, appreciate new cultures, and influence his design.
Jose has visited most of Europe and Asia many times. In Japan, he learned a lot in the process.
“In Japan, they revere nature so much,” he says. “Nature is sacred.” Jose has also gone to Indonesia. “They live in a tropical paradise and they don't have everything that we have in the United States. “They have the beauty of the ocean, the sky, and the tropical foliage. They are very humble and grateful people, very spiritual. They are always so happy and they don’t even have half of what we have in America.”
Jose has also visited Singapore, which he considers the “Disney of the world.” He explains, “It’s so posh, cool, shiny and beautiful.”
In addition, Jose has been to many countries in South America, which has “so much passion and is so colorful.” South Americans are always smiling. “I traveled to all these parts of the world and it helps me have a different perspective.”
Australia and New Zeeland were two favorite destinations because of their people.
As a talented designer and renovator, Jose is inspired by the cultures around the world. They have influenced him to become who he is today. Traveling is a great way to experience everything the world has to offer. It also helps Jose to be a true real estate global advisor by networking and securing those connections.
“I live a very blessed life,” concludes Jose. “I am grateful for every minute of every day.” Traveling enhances his life and this Top Producer wouldn’t have it any other way.