Meet Special Agent

Wes Hamiter

The word “inspirational” does not even come close to describing this month’s Rising Star, Wes Hamiter. Wes is a power agent, a devoted father, and a student of life who refuses to let early hardship define him. Real estate is the perfect field to put his unique people skills to work while helping clients achieve their objectives. Spend any time with Wes, and you’re likely going to come away with a quotable nugget of wisdom from this go-getter.

Wes has never met a stranger, and potential clients often become fast friends. He brings a surprisingly authentic vulnerability to every conversation, leaving people feeling as if they have known him for years. The all but lost art of hand-written notes keeps this REALTOR® top of mind. Hamiter knows the power of establishing meaningful connections.

Wes doesn’t hold back his opinions, nor is he afraid of being the center of attention. At a recent industry gathering, he jumped into a pool of freezing water as a social media stunt intended to raise awareness for a worthy cause. Like a talented performer who knows his audience, he can work a room and create a lasting impression.

While the barrier of entry to getting licensed in real estate may indeed be low, a sustainable career takes relentless diligence, problem-solving, and laser focus. Wes is self-taught in each of these areas. Mr. Hamiter has risen to the demands of the job with his self-deprecating sense of humor intact. But do not mistake his lighthearted nature for full-on frivolity. Wes is a deep-thinking, family man on a serious mission of self-improvement and generously giving to those around him.

Hamiter openly shares about the struggle, before the success. Licensed in real estate in 2013 and now a top performing agent with JP & Associates, Wes is an overnight sensation, eight years in the making!

Did you attend college? If so, what was your degree?
Does one class at Tarrant County College count? I took one math class and spent three hours a day in math lab. That was plenty for me! I was also home-schooled my whole life. Homeschooled is code for “No Schooled." I'm kidding – that's a joke. I received my GED when I was 17 after three months in the back room of the (now demolished) North Richland Hills Library taking evening classes. When I started the GED program, I had the equivalent of about a fifth to sixth-grade education. 
What milestones have you achieved as a REALTOR®?
While with JP & Associates REALTORS®, I have received the Ruby/Sapphire award in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. I’m currently in the top 1% of agents within our brokerage. As of now, there are around 2200, and when I joined, there were approximately 350 agents. 
Tell us about your family.  Your children are very musically inclined!
My kids are the best thing that ever happened to me. My oldest daughter, Isabella, is 16, Josephine is 13, and my little boy, Samuel, is 11. They are all incredibly brilliant and they get their intellect from their mother for sure. My children are currently homeschooled, and they all play musical instruments. All three children play the piano. Isabella also takes voice and is an incredible singer. Josephine takes lyrical and hip-hop dance and blows me away with her dedication. And “Mr. Man“ (what I call my boy), he’s just a cool guy all the way around. He plays drums. 
What’s your perfect day off?
Getting up around 4:30 to 5:00 am. Going for a 10–15-mile hike, having coffee and quiet time journaling. Taking a mini road trip to some nearby town and getting lost in exploring the local shops with my children. Having some killer Mexican food and topping it all off with a movie at home. 
In the spirit of Real Producers, can you share something that few people know about you, or could learn by reading your bio?
I struggled to feel like I have personal worth and value. I’ve battled my own demons and bad habits because of that personal insecurity. But being the second oldest of nine children made me very strong. Supporting my family at the age of 16 taught me self-reliance and that I am stronger than I think I am.  
What is the ONE thing you’d like the article to capture about you as a person or how you run your business?
I am an “open book.” Honestly, the most important thing to me is to connect personally and at the heart with each one of my clients. I will always make the experience fun and memorable. I strive to “see” the person and their unique needs, concerns, and challenges, rather than just another “transaction.”
Do you have a favorite quote:
I LOVE quotes!
“I’m a man of simple tastes, the best will easily do.” -Winston Churchill
 “A small hole can’t sink a great vessel.” -Benjamin Franklin
"Don't let people pull you into their storm, pull people into your peace." - Anonymous
 “It ain’t easy, but it ain’t complicated.” - Wes Hamiter
How would you like to be remembered?
As a person of love and kindness who searched after the heart of the Lord. Also, to be humble enough where it does not matter whether I am remembered or not.