Ahmed Mustafa

Next-Level Teamwork

Ahmed Mustafa loves sports. He watches sports in his free time. He plays basketball whenever he can. He even studied sports broadcasting in college. He once thought he would like to be a sportscaster for ESPN, but instead and luckily for the Triangle, Ahmed is a rising star in real estate.
One of the commonalities that sports and real estate have is the concept of teams. Teams work together to succeed, each person doing their part to achieve success, and this is an important concept for Ahmed. 
“I enjoy working closely with my colleagues – other agents and lenders – because we have the same goal of making our clients happy,” Ahmed shared.
He is also passionate about helping new team members at Costello REI learn how to succeed in the business. “I’ve recruited about 12 people to work here because the culture in this office is so amazing,” says Ahmed. “I continue to mentor and help them out with whatever they need; to me, it isn’t about recruiting them, I’m bringing them in to help them get to that next level as well.” 
He has begun developing a small team and is looking forward to helping these agents out with leads and the support they need to create thriving careers. “I’m hoping that I can grow that team to help more REALTORS® grow their business. It’s a struggle to get to the next level alone…a team helps you along the way,” Ahmed explains.
Ahmed’s family is also like a support team for him. “They encourage me and push me to be better,” Ahmed says of his family. Being an American-Palestinian born in New Jersey, he grew up in a family that owned a convenience store. This experience helped him feel comfortable talking to new people, and it helped him understand what it took to run a successful business.
After attending college at UNC-Pembrook, Ahmed moved to Syracuse, New York, to be with two of his brothers. But after a few too many below-freezing days, he decided that winters in New York were just too cold, so he moved to Raleigh and his father and sister eventually joined him. 
Ahmed got his real estate license in 2016 in Syracuse and moved to North Carolina in 2018. He spent his first year in the Triangle working hard to build his business. In 2021 he has closed on 35 contracts for $10 million in the first three quarters. He plans to double his 2021 number in 2022. He enjoys being a realtor because it gives him a flexible schedule and allows him to meet so many interesting people. He loves seeing how happy his clients are at closings.
Ahmed’s game plan for success is to continue reaching out to the community he has built on social media. Because of his education, he is quite comfortable in front of the camera, so you will see many of his videos on his socials. You will also hear him speaking in English and Arabic to help his Middle Eastern followers feel more comfortable. He has 4500 natural followers on Instagram and he loves to engage with them all. “I like to share tips and education with my followers, but I also like to entertain them – I add my personality whenever I can. I like my followers to see everything I do for my clients beyond getting a contract on a house.”
And like any good team member, Ahmed makes sure those around him have the tools to succeed, whether it’s a client that he is helping win a bid or a peer that needs some encouragement. Ahmed will always share what he knows and point others toward success. As he says, “No one should have to do this alone.”