Allie Parker

Light in Sight

Through time, seafarers approaching land at night and in harsh weather could count on lighthouses to help them avoid rocky shorelines and safely continue their voyages forward.
That’s a role that Allie Parker fulfills for her clients.
As broker/owner with Parker Residential at Keller Williams Realty Cary, Allie serves as a beacon to guide them past obstacles in their way … helping them steer clear and move forward toward the closing table.
“I started Parker Residential in February of 2021. My motto is, ‘Work hard and treat people right,’” Allie says. “’People’ encompasses clients, vendor partners, agents on the other side and other agents in my office. I never want to lose sight of being a light for others.” Originally, Allie had put her talents to work designing clothes—serving an integral role from start to finish throughout the development process.
“I was working in a basement with limited interaction, though,” she admits. “My boyfriend at the time, now husband, was changing jobs and extended the invitation to join him on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Thailand. Allie reminisces, “He shared, ‘You should come too.’ So, I quit my job and went to Thailand.”
In time, she returned to the U.S. and worked for a short time at the Cary Chamber of Commerce.
“I loved interacting with people all day, every day,” she says. “I thought if I put my real estate license to use, that would allow me to combine the people aspect plus the creativity of what I had done before.”
So, she activated the license she earned in 2016. Her adventure in real estate truly started in 2019.
“I didn’t have any expectations. That was the best thing I could have done. I expect a lot of myself. I went into it knowing there was a chance of failure because I gave myself some grace in that situation. I had the support of my team and family. There was something about the low expectations combined with the love of people and excitement of something new that propelled me.”
It certainly did. Allie recorded 24 deals during her first year in the business. She followed that up with 44 units during her second year and then an astounding total of 52 transactions in 2021.
Reaching those types of achievements is no small task, and Allie is quick to give credit to her Assistant, MaryJo, who joined Parker Residential at the end of 2021.
“MaryJo is phenomenal, and we work together very well. We listen to what our clients want and then make steps together to make that happen,” Allie says. “We like to help them navigate and get there in the most efficient way.”
Family makes life much richer for Allie. She treasures time with her husband, Hayden, along with her parents, Tony and Sharon Withers, and her brother, Moss Withers, along with his wife, Kendall, and their four children.
“Hayden works in the development field. We have a great dynamic between us,” she says. “My parents are the hardest workers and the biggest supporters in the entire world. They believe we can do whatever we want to do. I’m so grateful to them and their confidence in us.”
In her free time, Allie and Hayden love running and trying new local restaurants. They like being out and about on the beach with their golden retriever, Pearl. They also like exploring Wilmington.
When it comes to strengthening her community, Allie is very involved with the YMCA of the Triangle. She is chair of the organization’s Young Professionals Board, on the Alexander YMCA Branch Board, and she serves on the Transition Task Force, which is the search committee for the Y’s new CEO.
Allie is also passionate about Miracle League of the Triangle (an organization that her father started). Her involvement in Hope Community Church also is fulfilling for her.
Congratulations to Allie Parker for making an undeniable impact on the lives of her clients and their families. For those around her, she is definitely a powerful light in sight … guiding them on their way.