Brette Davis

Innovative Spark

The start of what’s possible comes with a point of ignition … that moment where a vision is captured and action begins.
That’s where Brette Davis excels.
As a team leader with Davis & Main Real Estate with eXp Realty, Brette brings an innovative spark to the world around her.
“On the client side, I like helping people to responsibly make the biggest financial investment of their lives. I feel like that is where curriculum in school was lacking! I love guiding people in making that financial decision,” Brette emphasizes.
“On the agent side of things, I have a really big passion for mentoring others and showing them how to do real estate ethically while focused on solutions. Being innovative and remaining solution-focused when things seem impossible is a huge strength of mine. There’s simply a lack of education for most agents. I want to be that missing piece for them to help them do their jobs well!”
After growing up in Minnesota, Brette graduated college, worked full-time in the Twin Cities for a bit, then sold everything she owned and moved 1,300 miles across the country to North Carolina.
“I needed something new. I knew I wanted to be near the beach, and after working in corporate, I was ready for a change,” she says. “I worked for both an engineering firm and a law firm, and I wanted to pursue not only my own investment passions in real estate but also help people make good investment decisions themselves. When I got out of college, I was introduced to a financial guru that changed my life. Ever since, I have been extremely passionate about helping people be debt-free and living their best lives as a result. I knew real estate was a great way to do that. Investing in your own home is an incredible way to build wealth.”
Brette’s family experienced an extremely difficult chapter in 2017 when her mother faced cancer.
As she says, “My mom passed away in 2019, and since then, I have made it my personal mission to serve others well and make her proud.”
Truly, Brette’s career has been exemplary in a number of ways. In 2021, she and three other agents produced $40 million in sales volume. She shares that her team is amazing, and she wouldn’t want to do any of it without them!
Family is one of the primary pillars in Brette’s life. “A big part of my business is my husband, Ryan. He is the biggest reason why I’m still in real estate, and he is the backbone of our business,” she says with a smile. “He has done all the behind-the-scenes financials and technology build-outs, and whenever I need help with anything, he is always there. That partnership is really special to me because I know that a lot of agents don’t have the support system at home like I do, and for that, I am extremely grateful.”
Away from work, Brette likes to stay active by playing volleyball as well as coaching the sport. She also likes to spend time outdoors with her dog. Whenever they can, Brette and Ryan love to get away on travel adventures, anywhere and everywhere. “We love going to new places, experiencing the culture and meeting amazing people,” she smiles.
One of Brette’s core values is giving back. “Watoto is an organization that’s near and dear to me. In 2017, my husband and I traveled to Uganda, Africa. We spent about two weeks volunteering in small villages there. It was a very eye-opening experience, and we met incredible people,” Brette explains.
“Ever since, we have been contributing to Watoto through our church. The organization helps children and adults alike in Africa with a good education and health care, and they also have a program that teaches them how to have their own small businesses. With every closing, we contribute to this cause, and we know it’s truly changing lives.”
Congratulations to Brette for putting her trustworthy, hard-working nature into action with a true innovative spark … to help others uncover a brighter future for themselves.