Quentin Dane & DASH Carolina.

The Time of the Team-erage

You know when you see something unique … a special impact that represents a new chapter.
Those who lead the charge, stand out front and clear the way ahead aren’t just doing it for themselves. They are there encouraging those they lead — showing them the way forward to a better career and life.
Quentin Dane brings an unmistakable spark and personal touch to the people he comes in contact with each day through his role as CEO of DASH Carolina.
That human part of the equation is something that is accentuated by Quentin and his team at their team-erage.  
“I have always approached this as a business.   What you need to succeed is a lead source coming in, business processes, transaction management, backend and field support. We are all one here. It’s a different model. As part of that, we have an operating system that allows agents to plug in and produce at a higher level. Last year, our team produced 1,600 units."
“What I love the most is watching people go from zero to 100 faster.”  
Though Quentin is the leader of DASH Carolina, he purposely takes a low-key approach when it comes to promoting himself as part of the brand … thus the name DASH Carolina.
“I didn’t want to have it tied to me as a person. I do understand that these models work, but we are a hybrid between companies like Keller Williams and eXp Realty. A true team culture, with actual support and profit sharing,” Quentin points out. “We’re a team-owned brokerage — a team-erage,” Quentin says. “We are all on the same CRM. Producers have a team of market analysts helping with valuations and offers. From transaction management to listing coordination, we have a lot of support.”
Today DASH Carolina boasts a stellar team of around 150 professionals, including 30 support staff.
Those who work at the firm feel the difference. Instead of having team names focused on individual leaders, they have colors … red, green, orange and so on. No one’s identity is subsumed by another’s. Broad-based success comes from embracing the process within a culture of teamwork.
Generosity, innovation, and accountability are the key ingredients that continue to drive DASH Carolina forward.
“I love seeing new agents come in and then watching them succeed day-by-day,” Quentin says.
Away from work, Quentin’s world is made much richer by family, including his wife, Diana and his two “kids,” his dogs Ruthie and Lily. Together, they are immersed in the firm — pouring their energy and ideas into honing its advantages.
The accolades and recognition have also poured in from a variety of sources. They were recently named a TBJ Fast 50 recipient. And in fact, DASH Carolina is one of 60-plus real estate brokerage firms/teams named to Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 list for 2022 that ranks the fastest-growing companies in America. DASH Carolina was ranked number 436 on the list, with a growth rate of 1,422%.
With an approach that is fresh and evolutionary and a growing team and reputation for results, DASH Carolina delivers its difference every day to clients. And it all begins with a self-admitted team-erage and agent-focused impact — individual personalities adhering to a proven operating system and producing phenomenal results!