Brennan Wyatt | Society Real Estate

Success Through Happiness

There is no place more important to Brennan Wyatt than where he lives. He is a born and raised North Carolinian and a 2017 graduate of NC State. Before beginning his real estate career, he worked as a tour guide in Florence, Italy. His innate sense of compassion, ingenuity, and curiosity has led him to where he is today.
“I knew I wanted a career that was people-oriented and that helped the community, but I never felt truly fulfilled until I started in real estate,” Brennan told us. “I have a genuine interest in real estate, which makes the job fun, and I love to help people through one of the biggest decisions in their lives – buying or selling property.”
Brennan started with Society Real Estate in August of 2020 and has never looked back. “I really believe in what Society stands for, and Shaun Smith, the owner, has been integral to my success. He and the team are amazing mentors. Shaun has taught me everything I needed to know to achieve great things.” Brennan has become passionate not only about residential real estate but also commercial real estate and land development. He had over $11 million in sales for 2021 and things are looking just as good for 2022.
One of the things Brennan loves most about working with Society is their dedication to community and giving back. Their guiding motto is, “Redefining our community through giving and growth.” This means a lot to Brennan because growing, helping, and giving back to his community is one of his highest-held values. “A percentage of every commission we make goes to our two charities, Casa and A Lotta Love. Their main mission is to combat homelessness in the Triangle. Our real estate team also participates in volunteer days, special events, fundraisers, and joint marketing for the two charities.” Casa's mission is to combat homelessness for low-income families and individuals with an emphasis on veterans and people living with disabilities.
Helping others and making his community better is the core of Brennan’s business philosophy and success. Not only is he working to make the Triangle better, but he has also had a key role in revitalizing the downtown area of his own hometown, Mebane, NC. "Working in real estate gives me the opportunity to positively grow my community through revitalizing the downtown area, and it's a great feeling,” says Brennan.
Success to Brennan is about finding happiness in what he does. Albert Schweitzer’s quote is one of his guiding principles: “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” And he truly loves what he is doing. Brennan says, “Success is achieved when a person has accomplished a goal, is happy in what they are doing and can go beyond expectations. Success, for me in my career, is about making a positive difference in other people’s lives. If I can build relationships, solve problems, and be a resource for others, it brings fulfillment to me.” 
Brennan contributes much of his success to his closest family and friends. Being able to work alongside his father, David Wyatt, who is a local commercial lender has been a special experience. His parents, David and Sharon Wyatt, and his sister, Kensley, as well as all of his extended family, live in the area, which makes it easier to spend quality time with them. When he is not making deals or hanging out with his family, Brennan can be found golfing, watching sports, cooking, and traveling.