Kathy Borys

A Dedicated Real Estate Professional with a Personal Touch

Life is an adventure for those who embrace the journey. REALTOR® Kathy Borys is one such individual. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, her entire family was in the medical profession. Kathy recalls, “My mom would be at the hospital working and my grandma was very involved in raising me.” She has fond childhood memories of her grandmother’s cooking and baking. “My love of desserts came from her,” she smiles.

Her mother encouraged her to try new things. Kathy comments, “She never put me in a box of any sort.” Although she didn’t become a medical doctor, Kathy says, “I’m still in the people business; I’m just not a doctor.”

Kathy lived in the United States for five years as a child, but finished the rest of her elementary school and high school in Poland. “Then I came back to the United States for college,” she says. “It wasn’t part of the plan. I had the opportunity to study here and I jumped on that.”

A bilingual speaker, English is Kathy’s second language. “I only use my Polish when I work with Polish clients,” she explains. A linguist by nature, she traveled with Athletes for Action and translated for them on their trips as a teenager in Poland.

Launching into Real Estate
“Real estate found me,” comments Kathy. “I was very young and my ex-husband was being interviewed by a broker for joining a real estate team. He walked out of the room and didn’t want to do it, but I did. I got licensed in 1990 and never looked back.”

Although real estate is not an easy business— subject to its ups and downs— Kathy has found that it fits her personality. “Problem solving is my superpower,” she smiles. “I like finding solutions to difficult situations.” Working with people at a very important time in their life comes easily to her.

Gaining Respect
“When I first started in real estate, I was a young female in my early 20s,” she says. “Competing with seasoned agents was challenging at first. I needed to step up, find myself, and find my voice in the industry.” Fortunately, working hard came easily to Kathy. In time, the fact that she was a young female faded into the distance.

A strong independent woman, Kathy was taught to speak up by her mother. “As long as I was respectful, I could say whatever I needed to say,” she reflects. “I applied that to my career.” This trait served her well.

Soon Kathy started building her business through word of mouth. Putting people first was her mission. “This is more than a transaction for me,” she asserts.

Top Tips
Through her career in real estate, Kathy has learned work-life balance. She comments, “I wish I had known that it was OK to turn off your phone for an hour. It’s okay to take a deep breath. That took me a long time to learn.” She learned that it was okay to take some time away from the business as well. “It can eat you up,” she admits. “It’s a tough business.” Being a young mother when she started, she wanted to be at her kids’ activities. She would put her children first and catch up on work later in the night. The memories of her children, however, are priceless. “I wouldn’t give it up in a million years.”

Kathy’s three daughters are her entire world. The relationships that she has with them and her grandchildren are amazing. “My daughters are my favorite people in the whole world.” Watching her daughters grow into successful, amazing young women makes her happy. “They teach me every day what being open-minded, gentle, and a strong female looks like.”

Relaxing + Recharging
To relax, Kathy emphasizes the importance of self-care and wishes to dedicate more time to reading, taking care of herself, and pursuing her hobbies. One of her dreams is to own a lakefront property, as being near the water brings her immense joy and tranquility.

“Having a spot on the water would be amazing,” she smiles. “My happy place is by the water.” Her favorite place is visiting Cross Lake, Minnesota and staying at Boyd Lodge. “That’s my favorite week of the year.”

Beyond her work, Kathy enjoys indulging in her love for food by watching the Food Network, particularly shows like the British Baking Championship. She finds inspiration and relaxation in visiting museums. She jokes, “I don’t know much about art, but I enjoy it.”

Music and dancing are also sources of solace and rejuvenation for Kathy, who appreciates their ability to touch her soul. Additionally, she has a strong affinity for self-improvement, frequently engaging with podcasts and books to become the best she can be.

Clients First
Kathy’s secret to success is centering everything around her clients. “I treat the person as if they were my aunt, uncle, sister, or brother.” She makes connections with others, caters to her clients, and can’t imagine a better way of life. From Poland to Minnesota, Kathy is making a mark here in Twin Cities real estate.