Austin Eaton

Austin Eaton pictured with Tiger Woods

Every day in real estate is an adventure. You never know what to expect. REALTOR® Austin Eaton recalls one of his encounters with an unwanted guest. He jokes, “I spent more than an hour trying to coax an opossum out of a client's cluttered garage. I'm glad there is no video documentation of me climbing over boxes, lawn equipment, and bicycles waving a broom at that critter!”
Austin has been a REALTOR® since 2015 and now runs The Eaton Group, brokered by Real. He works with one licensed assistant and recently added another agent. Austin, a two-time President’s Elite winner with former broker Coldwell Banker, works primarily in the South Metro area.
Changing Careers
Prior to real estate, Austin worked as a builder for a small private company in New Hampshire. “When the building business folded in 2009, my wife worked her tail off to support our family. I want to honor her and enjoy the time with our teenage boys before they leave home,” explains Austin. His entrepreneurial drive drew him to becoming an agent. He adds, “I am so grateful I went with this direction.”
Austin did consider going back into home building momentarily. He says, “When my wife's job brought us here to Minnesota in 2013, I considered getting back into home building. The market was rebounding and the need for new construction was growing. The barrier to entry on my own was high, and I was not all that interested in working as an employee for a large builder.” Ultimately, real estate won out in the end and Austin could not be happier with his choice.
A Heart of Service
“A person is happiest when learning or when serving others. The seven-plus years I have worked as a REALTOR® have been my most fulfilling and happiest years so far,” he says. “I love being a guide to the people who have put their trust in me, and I take my duty to them very seriously.”
The most rewarding part of Austin’s job is serving clients who don't have anyone else to help them out. “Buying and selling fancy homes is exciting and lucrative, but I truly feel more rewarded when serving seniors who need me to do more than just sell their home. Over the years I have packed boxes, swept out basements, and even bought adult diapers for a client once,” he reflects.
As he grows older, Austin looks forward to helping his teammates build their businesses. “I plan to be a little more selective with choosing which clients to serve directly, but I can't ever see myself solely as an operator or team leader.”
Austin is most passionate about the growth of his small team. Constantly learning to become a better leader, Austin is committed to serving his teammates. “I feel some pressure to help them succeed, and it's motivating!”
Fueled by Family
When Austin isn’t working, he cherishes time with his family. He has been married to his wife Pamela for almost 20 years. She works as an analyst for Kellogg’s.
“Her job brought us here to Minnesota in 2013 when she joined the Target team for another consumer goods company. We thought we would be here in Minnesota for two or three years and then move back to the East Coast. Minnesota is such a great place to raise a family that we soon realized we were here to stay,” smiles Austin.
Their boys, Chip (16) and Mason (15), both go to Rosemount High School, and couldn't be any more different than one another. Chip is an artist and a skateboarder. Mason is an analytical and an athlete, playing Varsity golf for Rosemount High as a middle schooler.
“The boys and I love to ski together locally at Welch and Afton, and occasionally on trips to Colorado,” shares Austin. Other pastimes for Austin include golf, to which he admits is a life-long obsession.
“I competed nationally and internationally as an amateur when I was younger, and won a USGA National Championship when I was in my 30s. In 2005, I played in the Masters Tournament at Augusta National. A round there with Tiger Woods was one of highlights,” beams Austin. Now he plays as often as he can with Mason. Seeing his son develop as a player makes him proud.
Being the Best 
One thing that people don’t know about Austin is that he has an “obsession with personal development.” He comments, “I consume podcasts and audiobooks daily. My wife gives me a hard time because I often start our conversations with ‘I was listening to a podcast and...’”
In the competitive world of real estate, being on top of your game is essential. Austin seeks to be the best he can be! 
Giving Back
Austin also likes to help others and has the opportunity to do that through supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). He explains, “One of our sons has Type 1 Diabetes, and we find it important to help support improved treatments and a cure.”
“Through my business I have supported various charities through client events, most recently One Warm Coat and Second Harvest Heartland,” he says.
Final Thoughts
From a builder to a REALTOR®, Austin has reinvented himself while embarking on his second career. His refusal to give up, coupled with his grit and tenacity, have made him into the success that he is today.